Thursday, April 30, 2009

Product Endorsement Ahead

If you aren't impressed with over the top gushing about consumer products, read no further.
If however, you like to hear good reviews about products available out there(and how to save money on them or even get them free!!!) read on!

Let me start by saying that my daughters and I have sensitive skin. We are prone to eczema and just general dry, itchy skin issues. Add to that certain allergies like hay fever, and you come to see that I have to be picky with the products I use on them, and myself.

I remember when I was pregnant getting the Johnson Baby Bath. The "Lavender" night time or whatever soothing one. Umm, ya. For those of us with hay fever, this bath stuff is BAD news. I didn't realize at the time, of course. I poured it in my daughter's tub and closed the door to keep the bathroom warm while I went to get her ready. Upon returning to the bathroom, I was finding it hard to breathe almost immediately. Literally, like wheezing. I whipped her out of the bath and never used the lavender stuff again. Good to note-sensitivity to lavender. Same goes for chamomile. Not good at all.

So, when I stumble on a product that is gentle enough for all of us, but also has great results, I latch on to it faster than you can say stockpiling.

The first one I highly recommend is the Canus brand "Baby Goat" line. I love the smell of it, firstly. Second, it has helped my daughters skin and been gentle enough to use daily. It's the red containers with the little goat on the front in case you are wondering as you peruse the baby aisles. Even though my girls are no longer babies, it's still what we use for everyday.

Next comes Aveeno. I really can't say enough about their products. We've lived in the oatmeal bath packets all winter long. They truly are lifesavers for our family. Recently, we began using the "dry skin" body wash with excellent results. And now, the piece de resistance, the "extreme dry skin body lotion." I love, love, love this stuff. Not the smell so much (it contains menthol) but the fact that it's gentle but sooooo effective. Here's a wonderful visual as you eat your lunch or dinner. My heels tend to get very cracked during the winter. I'm usually not one to put on a pair of flip flops until I've had a thorough (like taking the top crust of skin off my feet!) pedicure. I've been using the Aveeno Extreme Dry Skin lotion on my feet for the last two days and my heels are almost, well, healed. They look amazingly different. As my husband says, "they are now ALMOST touchable." Nice. Might be the first and last thing he touches at that rate. But I digress.

I wrote to Aveeno yesterday to tell them how much I love their products and the results we've had. I also wrote to say I'd be going to buy the moisturizer for myself (the one that is supposed to fade discolourations and brown spots too! I'm a total freckle face so this might help!). I received an email back two hours later saying they appreciated the feedback and were sending coupons!!! Score!!!!

I've also written to Canus about the Baby Goat and received coupons in the mail.

I don't write to get the coupons. (well, maybe a little) I really think there are so many crap products out there that don't live up to their claims, that when one does, they should be applauded. And if I get some swag in return, so be it.

So, there is my endorsement for the day.

I'm off to pick up my free box of Kashi granola bars now as well. Check it out.

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  1. Yay for you!!! I like Aveeno lotion for Emerson...he gets eczema in the winter.