Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Listen To Your Gut

We've all heard a zillion times that we should "listen to your gut." The adage refers to listening to that little voice that's inside all of us that is trying to subconsciously direct us on our paths. It's supposed to help us know what our own truths are, and to help us make decisions based on that truth.

But what if your gut is acidic? What if your gut is a liar? What if your gut doesn't know what it's talking about???

I've ignored my gut (literally and figuratively!) for a long, long time. When I've had certain doubts, I've rationalized them away. Well, maybe my rationalizations weren't very rational after all. But, in many instances, I've known at the time and afterwards, that my gut was screaming at me and I should have listened. But I'm good at tuning out what I don't want to hear.

The thing is, I think we don't trust our guts. And what that really boils down to is we don't trust ourselves. Our inner selves. The one that knows us best. The one that knows our hearts truest wishes and fears. The one that wants the best for us. And maybe we just don't want to listen because what our gut is telling us isn't in line with what we "want" or what we "hope" or what we think will be the best outcome (read:easiest) on those around us. Taking the more difficult path, let's face it, is nobody's first pick.

Sometimes, we HAVE to go against our guts. Even if it just feels "wrong" in some way, we still have to do what we have to do. Either financially or emotionally or spiritually. And that's when it really feels the worst. Our guts in that case really revolt against us doing what it has warned and advised us not to do. It's like you see that big flashing WARNING sign but instead of proceeding with caution, you put your head down and just plow through. Inevitably, that leaves a wake of destruction. If only we'd listened to our guts.

I've been trying the last little while to tune in more to that little voice. I've been straining to hear really hard some days actually. And that tricky gut sometimes just lies silent. It's like it knows I'm not going to listen anyways. Or it's waiting for me to realize whatever it needs to say on my own. Maybe that's when true enlightenment happens! When your gut and your head and your heart all come together in unison to deliver a message, and then it's so loud with all three chiming in that you can't help but take notice and act.

I'm waiting for that day because clearly I need a Whisper 2000 to hear what my gut tries to tell me!!!

The point being, right now, my gut is working overtime trying to talk to me and tell me various points of information. My head is battling against my gut. But it's hard to decipher what is actually my gut feeling, and what is actually my head's paranoia or fear or anxiety. Sometimes it's not our gut talking at all, but the fear of the unknown trying desperately to dissuade us from doing something new or taking a chance.

While the war inside me continues to rage, I put one foot in front of the other and try to let the Cosmos get in on the act. Surely one of the four will give me the shove that I need to get moving in the right direction!!!

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