Thursday, April 16, 2009

Multi-Tasker Say What???

So given that it's now almost 1030pm and I'm JUST getting around to writing the blog, well, should tell you about my day.

My youngest was home today, again, with the mysterious fever out of nowhere and the same nagging cough. My husband took her to the clinic because frankly, this has been ongoing for several months now and we were worried that we were missing something more than viral. Nope. After a thorough check, the doctor deemed it, you guessed it, just a common cold. I know that is GOOD news, but in some ways I wish she could just be over it, already. Needless to say, she stayed home for the day and seemed pretty much fine. Of course.

It was also Day 2 of the rebirth of the home daycare. It went well, the little girl is very easy going and pleasant and a lot of fun. However, with MY little one at home, it was a bit more chaotic. Or maybe taking that 20 months off from daycare just threw me off of my game. It's like riding a bike, I'm sure, but right now it's kicking my ass!

Speaking of my ass, I have been eating Easter goodies and who knows what else, and yet haven't worked out in umm, weeks. If I'm tired by this time each night, how the hell am I going to fit in working out at some point? As my daycare expands and grows, it seems so does my body, which is never good. How the heck do you working moms find the time to "do" anything for yourselves? Seriously!

I get up, get myself together and my kids together and make them breakfasts. I make lunches. I get them off to school. I come back home with the little daycare girl. We have free play for awhile and head outside. Once back in, I make lunch and clean her up and get some toys or colouring out for awhile. Then, it's naptime. After which is getting my kids from the bus, getting snack and back outside. Once 5pm comes, the daycare closes. I then make dinner for my family and help with homework and do baths and get the kids ready for bed. It's then 830pm and I feel like a slug. I realize I still have laundry to fold and bathrooms to clean. It hits me that those "chores" are now going to be relegated to evenings and weekends and my house may be a little less spotless. This does not sit well with me. And then back to my butt. While that area COULD use a little extra padding, perhaps, it's not really my unfulfilled desire. I'd LIKE to workout and write a blog and read a book and not keep nodding off like I'm 80 years old.

Added on top like a juicy, shiny cherry is the single most heart wrenching part of my day today. My daughter was visibly upset about me tucking this little girl in at naptime. At rubbing her back for a moment. She asked me if I "loved the girl" more than I loved her. She said she knew I loved her, but she didn't like me being so sweet and loving to the little girl. Sigh.

On that note, I'm going to cut myself some slack and realize I've done this all before and with considerable ease. I'll give myself, and my daughter, some time to adjust and rearrange our timetables and our perceptions. I'm going to put my talents for organization and planning to good use and do what I do best-make a schedule. And I'm going to sneak in my daughters' room, gaze at her little doll face, and give her an extra long snuggle. I may not have ironed out all the kinks yet, but my love for both my girls is always paramount inthe start, middle and end of my day. Chaotic or not.

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