Monday, February 1, 2010

I Hate Being Left Hanging

We were told when we were moved, that we'd likely be here about two or three years and then we'd be moved again. I was more than happy to hear that, because my hope was that we'd be moved back "home" again at the end of that time frame.

Well, there have been some rumblings coming down the pipeline that we should hear about our next move in the March/April time frame. That would put us at almost 2.5 years living here, which again falls into our expectations. Whether we find out in March or April, I've already made it clear that my girls and I wouldn't be moving until the school year is over. Last time, we moved mid-year and it was difficult for all involved.

The problem is twofold. One, I hate ambiguity. I just don't do well without a plan. While we are hearing that we should be "ready," we aren't hearing anything concrete, like where or what! That means that my husband isn't sure what his position would be (though it would likely involve a promotion) and we haven't been told WHERE we might be moved. I told my husband that if they are telling him to be ready for that time, they must have some sort of plan outlined. Yes, it may not be definite yet, but I'm sure they have an Option A, B or C. Ummm, could they share that with us, please??? But, no. We're stuck in this holding pattern of "you'll know soon enough." Hello? Have they never dealt with the likes of anyone anal retentive before?

The second thing that is plaguing my thoughts is the location. On the one hand, I'd love to be moved back home. My friends and family are there. All that I know and love is there. On the other hand, it's crazy expensive there to buy a home. We'd be paying a good 100,000+ for what we have now. I've looked slightly outside the city, like 45 mins all around, and we could get a home for a bit less with a bit more yard, but do I really want to move back home to still be "that close" but not quite actually there? Is there any point in that, really? Though, again, the smaller town feeling does now appeal to me too. Sigh.

So, the other part of me kind of hopes it's somewhere more affordable. I looked at PEI and we could have a large home BEACHFRONT for what we'd pay home!!! Really??? It kind of makes it more appealing!

Here's the thing-I just want to know so that I can plan my life. I know from doing this once now, that no matter where we go or where we end up-we'll be fine. We're outgoing, we make friends easily, and we have each other. However, the list maker, analytical organizer in me would like a plan that I can check off and start putting into motion!

Trust me, you are going to be hearing more about this in future. A lot more. I hate being left hanging!!!

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