Monday, February 15, 2010

What A Lovely Little Weekend

Since many of you chimed in with your thoughts and opinions, via email or comments on the blog, regarding my sleepover dilemma, I thought I should give you a little update about how it all turned out.

My daughter left Saturday afternoon for the party. I had told her (okay, badgered her) to make sure to call me before she went to bed, so that I'd know everything was okay. Well, 10pm came and went. By midnight, I still hadn't heard anything. At this point, I figured that she must have just been having a great time and forgot totally about her 'ol Mom freaking out at home. Then, the phone rang. My daughter had had a great time, but she wanted us to come and pick her up. She said everyone had been asleep since about ten, and she had been lying there for hours and couldn't sleep. Plus, her stomach hurt. After a few moments of going back and forth and my asking if she was "sure" about coming home, my husband left to get her. She said she had fun, she just couldn't sleep and was starting to get anxious about it.

The next morning, her friend called to see if she was okay and to make sure that it was nothing that she had done. How sweet is that? That new friend got a little "thumbs up" in my book. She also asked if my daughter wanted to come back for a bit. So, off my husband went to bring her back. They went skating and worked on a project. She had a great time, and any embarrassment she felt about leaving was erased because of the kindness of her new friend. Win-win.

Friday night we had dressed up all in red and white and headed to our friends next door to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies together. I had made dinner for the ten of us and lugged it over. My friend added a salad and we watched and cheered and ooh'ed and aaah'ed. It was a late night, but so much fun. My heart was fairly bursting with Canadian Pride watching it all take place in Vancouver. I loved the poem and the special effects. I loved my kids staying up late to watch it even more. They were truly transfixed and as excited as the adults. Those little moments add up, in my mind, and teach my kids about being proud to live where we do, while also not taking it for granted. Plus, it was just cool to be a part of history happening right before our eyes.

I'm jumping around here, but now that takes us to Sunday, Valentine's Day. I am a big keener with occasions and I like to do something fun if I can, for the kids, but also just for me. I always make a "pink" breakfast for Valentine's. I had set the table with a pink heart tablecloth and had pink and red paper lanterns hanging. I had put the girls gifts (chocolates and their favourite candies, as well as a shirt each) beside their spots. I made some bacon, added some red food colouring to their milk, and made some pink pancakes. The girls were thrilled, as always.

That evening , we were surprising the girls with a special dinner out. There aren't many very nice, or very good, restaurants where we now live. My husband had been out for some dinner meetings several times at a place that is the "fanciest" in town. We decided to spend Valentine's not as a couple, but as a family. I also think the way to teach your children manners and what your expectations are when out, is to actually GO OUT and go to places where they can put what you've taught them into practical use. If you never go anywhere, they never have that experience. That aside, we just thought it would be fun and interesting for all of us. We all got dressed to the nine's and headed out for an early dinner. My youngest was thrilled by the piano playing softly in the corner. My eldest loved the views of the lake, the decor, and the fire burning in the fireplace. My husband and I loved that the restaurant offered to make up whatever we wanted for the girls meals-off the menu or on. They ended up making a custom order just for them. My daughters chose to split a striploin steak, with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli and green beans. The whole meal was their choice, down to the veggies. They started with their own salad choices as well-Caesar for my youngest, and a Greek Village salad for my eldest. While the music played softly, my husband and I got to enjoy our meals of beef tenderloin with a peppercorn foie gras, with a nice glass of Merlot. My girls behaved beautifully and we had several comments about them from the staff. It truly was a perfect evening and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. My girls felt like Princesses and really, it doesn't get better than that. I felt a little Princessy myself.

When everyone was tucked in their beds, a wonderful weekend behind us, I slipped my husband some "Conversation Hearts" in sequence. The small gestures touch the quietest corners of the heart, and my heart was full when the light of another day was dimmed.

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  1. What a nice weekend!!!! I need to actually put the kids in the situations!! A hands-on type of training! LOL!! I wanted to go to The Melting Pot for my birthday last year and we decided to take Jaden with us. (Emerson was only 18 he was a definite no!!) But Jaden LOVED every second of it and she was so well behaved!