Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To Gloat Or Not To Gloat....That Is The Question

I have a hard time not being right. I admit it. I'm not a total jackass or anything, if I'm wrong I admit it and look further into whatever it is I was discussing. Most times though, I won't force my opinion on someone, but I will let them know what I think and why. Is that wrong? The fact of the matter is, if I'm debating something with you with all of the vigour I can muster, it's usually because I'm pretty certain I know a little something about the topic.

I've had this ongoing discussion or debate, as the case may be over the years, with an individual that DOES truly always think they are right. It's maddening because even when presented cold, hard fact as evidence, they'll find a way to refute. That makes my little redheaded temper boil over a little bit. However, through time and maturity, I've (mostly) learned to just "let it go" and now figure it's just not worth getting into it with them. It's a fruitless endeavour and always ends in frustration.

I also have a crazy memory, so I tend not to forget discussions that took place many moons ago either. I'll remember what I said, what you said, heck even where we were and what we were wearing. I get insulted if someone questions my recall. Oh. No. You. Didn't.

Today, that individual pointed out a new tidbit of information that they had just realized and were discussing what an impact it had made in their mind and their life from here forward. I almost choked on my Cranberry Zinger tea. Their revelation came from something "I" had told them and tried to convince them was truth, years ago. This was something they argued and argued with me about and were certain I was completely wrong. Of course now, they can't remember ME having pointed them in that direction so long ago. Oh, no. This was all their epiphany in recent days.

Sometimes in these types of situations, I struggle with wanting to gloat versus being a little ticked off. I know gloating is never pretty, but it's kind of fun. On the flip side, being ticked off this far off is just useless.

So, I do nothing. I simmer a little bit and come write here, of course, but I don't say anything. I just let them have their moment.

In my head though, it's Gloat City, with a little Smug thrown in for good measure.

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