Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Normally a Tuesday is not a day that gets me excited or anticipatory or well, anything really. It's just a day at the beginning of a week. Today, however, I'm feeling all sorts of productive, I've socialized the morning away, and I have plans for this evening. WOOHOO!

I went over to a friends this morning for a playdate with my two year old daycare child, and her two year old daughter. They played, we chatted. Another Mom came by and we all had lunch together. It's a nice break to the monotony of a normal weekly routine, and it's always good to have some adult conversation!

Before heading over, I threw together the ingredients for a "Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup", and set the crock pot. It'll be our dinner tonight, along with some whole wheat buns with a dab of melted goat cheese and fresh basil.

Just to add to the productivity of the day, I came home and FINALLY used up the eight bananas in my freezer, making two big banana bread loaves-one with pecans and one without nuts. (my kids do not like nuts of any shape or form) Amazingly, I still have about 6 more bananas in the freezer. (when will I learn???)

I'm off to Shred on Level 2 and then prepare snack for after Nap Time.

This evening, I'm going out to watch a movie with my girlfriends and eat yummy (healthy!) snacks and sip some white wine.

Really, that's a pretty perfect Tuesday in my world.

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