Sunday, February 7, 2010

Menu Planning

Since my menu for this week actually looks pretty awesome, and I managed to buy on sale, check out recipes and get all the ingredients I need without forgetting anything, I thought today's post would just be my menu planning for the week. Let's face it, I know you are all riveted to your seats about this kind of thing. I'm not even being facetious, here. As a Mom, I actually DO like looking at people's menu plans so that I get ideas for my own family.

It's Sunday today, (Superbowl Sunday at that) so before all the craziness starts, we are eating as a family, early. We're having a roasted boneless, skinless turkey breast served with scalloped potatoes and baby carrots, dressing and gravy even! I know, I'm nostalgic for Thanksgiving, apparently.

Monday is our swimming night, but this week I lucked out and don't have any daycare children coming, which means I get a day off! My husband is also off work, so we'll pick the girls up when school ends and again, eat early. I'm throwing a roast in the crockpot with pepperoncini peppers and beef broth, to later make some beef dip sandwiches for dinner, served with a side salad and some sweet potato fries. The recipe for that can be found here:

Tuesday we'll lighten it up a little and go with a broiled haddock with lemon, wild rice and steamed broccoli. It's another night of activity, but fish takes no time at all so I can have it done early. Again.

Wednesdays we're out to dance (I know, this is madness) so I have to get dinner on the table early once more. We'll have a baked ham, with roasted potatoes and butternut squash, and corn. This is my youngest daughters favourite meal, hands down. Both of my girls love ham, actually, Wilbur references aside.

Thursday is FINALLY a night where we have nowhere to be by 6pm (yeehaw), but strangely enough, it's usually the night we kind of have a hodge podge of leftovers. I'll make a salad and my youngest will likely have the ham again, while my oldest will likely have the beef dip again. I may actually throw a shrimp pasta together instead. Or a seafood gumbo. Who knows for this night. It's kind of a wild card! My point for this night is that I have options. Many, many options!

Friday we usually order in, but I'm making turkey hamburgers and a roasted veggie platter.

I'll tell you about the weekend plans a little later on because they are a little special. You know, that Valentine's thing and all.

Happy Eating, and Stay Tuned!

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