Friday, February 5, 2010

Worrier Me, Worrier You

I read your comments about the sleepover dilemma, and I also talked to friends both via email, facebook and in person. I think I can say, for the first time EVER, "I" am less of a worrier and protective in this situation than some of you! Yeah me! Of course, I'm knocking on wood because I can just see it now. The ONE time that I decide to loosen the apron strings and not be a hovering Mom, something will happen. No, I take it back. Everything, like my husband says, will be just fine.

We've decided to let her go. She'll go a bit late, in time for dinner and cupcakes and the movie. She'll sleepover. She'll hopefully have a blast. The Mom and Dad will both be there.

I feel fine with it, which is surprising for me actually. My daughter is ten, and very confident and strong. I think if she feels anything is "off," she'll call home. Actually, I've instructed her to do so at any time and we'll come get her.

There ya have it. Me. Growing up a little and letting go a little. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Does it help if I told you that both Mom and Dad are police officers? LOL

  2. Yes, as a matter of fact, it does. Good for you for "growing up"! I hope that she has/had fun! We also have a code word when Hannah is sleeping somewhere. If she calls home and says said word, we know that she is uncomfortable and we are to pick her up. We come up with some excuse for the early pick up and then she doesn't have to be embarrassed for leaving.