Tuesday, February 24, 2009

About Last Night

I went to see "He's Just Not That Into You" last night with some girlfriends. We went for a quick drink first and then headed to the movie theatre. There was literally NOBODY in there. It was kind of spooky. The movie was pretty good. A nice chick flick with lots of laughs and lots of poignant moments as well. I wouldn't say it was fantastic, but not bad either. It was nice to get out though and have some girl time.

While I was there, my husband pinned me to say we had a little "tooth pulling" competition going on at home. My eldest was working on a molar, and my youngest her front tooth. Both of them are extremely loose but I guess my eldest's was more loose. She managed to get it out and was ecstatic. My youngest on the other hand was not so thrilled by this development. She's now been bending her front tooth back and forth to try and get it to fall out as well. I suspect it'll be a few days yet, but you never know. She certainly has determination and stubbornness on her side!

I had trouble falling asleep afterwards-I guess the novelty of getting out of the house was too much for me. I finally fell into a light slumber around midnight. Then, I was woken up by my youngest. I took her to the bathroom and then back to bed. A short while later, she magically appeared again and got into bed with my husband and I. I fell back to sleep, but woke up sandwiched between the two of them and my daughter practically lying on top of me. So went the next little while of me moving her back over to her side, and trying to carve some space out for myself. Finally, at 5am and now in a huff, I left MY bed and went and slept in HER bed. I was asleep for about an hour when who magically appears again??? I'll save you from the expletives here. I was beyond exhausted at this point. She again got in with me. By 630am I couldn't take it any longer and just got up.

As I sit, I'm extremely exhausted. My eyes feel like slits and are doing the twitching that happens with lack of sleep. I should go lie down, I know. I just feel so lazy and useless when I need to nap during the day. Or maybe I feel old. I don't know. I DO know that I'm tired. And that it's only going to get worse.

I have some before/after school kids today so I need to get them at the bus by 3pm. Then, I have to get my kids. After the daycare kids go, it's a quick dinner and we are off to the gym. The girls to a fitness for kids class, and me to work out. My neighbour has lent me the "Twilight" series which I had vowed I wouldn't read (I hate doing what "everybody" is doing) and I was also fairly certain I wouldn't like teen vampire novels. My neighbour said she felt the same way, until she read them. Sooooo, being the open minded gal that I am, and voracious reader, I'll give them a try.

If anything, maybe they'll help me sleep. ZZZZZZZ

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