Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Some days things in my world seem drama filled. There's some sort of crisis that needs immediate attention and makes me set the table for a pity party for one. Lately, I've been dealing with some family issues and it leaves me totally drained. I feel upset by it, stressed, and just repleted of energy stores. I get upset that it's all going on and wonder how it all got to "this place."

And then I slap myself across the face, metaphorically, and get a little perspective.

It doesn't lessen the pain or hurt I'm feeling, but it certainly demands that I buck up and realize "life ain't that bad."

There are people fighting for their lives, whether it be against cancer or other diseases. There are children starving to death, being raped, or forced to battle in wars not of their making. There are tragic accidents occurring every minute. There are parents beating their children, or being beaten. There are individuals living in their cars in subzero temperatures. There are food banks overrun with the needy and not enough food for them all.

And here I sit, in my warm home, with my great family and access to food, shelter, health care and entertainment. My petty problems seem relatively small in scope compared to any and all of the above issues. And I can remedy mine. I can walk away. I can close the book. I can mend a relationship. I can heal a heart. All of MY problems have a solution and a resolution. Not everyone can say that.

It's often easy to see the world only through our own eyes and in the narrow scope that encompasses are current crisis. In those moments, where I'm feeling down and out and sorry for myself, I think of those who are truly suffering and battling. And it gives me a sense of compassion and empathy for their pain over mine. That helps me move on each day and with each step.


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