Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reality TV Junkie

My husband questions my reality tv viewing on a regular basis. It frankly drives me kinda batty, when every week, at the same time, he enters our bedroom and sees "The Bachelor" on the screen. It always elicits the same response, which is "why do you watch this stupid show." He could say that about a myriad of shows I watch, actually.

Last night I was watching "The Real Housewives of Orange County" while he read beside me. Every now and then I'd comment passionately about the vapid women on the screen. A child's backyard swimming party was full of adult women in tiny bikinis with their fake DD breasts pushed up and out, talking about totally inappropriate topics and shaking their bootay's in front of one of the mom's sons. (not one of the little kids! Though I wouldn't put that past them! No, her older son. He's 20 something) They were discussing how attractive they are, how they all had breast implants and "how old they were" (their boobs, not their actual chronological age) and how the one "housewife" without implants should get them. After that scintillating scene, it showed some of the housewives out to lunch and perfume making. When exactly are these "housewives" ummm.....housewives? They were lambasting Gretchen, the younger housewife whose fifty something year old fiancee is dying of leukemia, to get him to basically set her up for life. They advised her to go in and get him to sign her off as a beneficiary. You know, because at like 27, if he died, she'd have NO OTHER OPTIONS and wouldn't be able to work or make it on her own. When Lynne, a housewife who they consider doesn't really have a career, spoke up gently and said that Gretchen would be fine and that she shouldn't ask someone on his deathbed about money, they totally lost it on her. They called her rude and confrontational. This woman seems the LEAST confrontational of the bunch. But, she broke the housewife code. She didn't care mostly about money. And she went against Vicki, who apparently is the "boss" of the housewives. Again, all of this is going on with me commenting and muttering as I watch.

Picture much of the same scenario while I'm watching "The Bachelor." I spend most of my time changing the channel while watching that show, because what is on the screen embarrasses ME so much that it's painful to watch. The other half of the time, I'm commenting about how I just don't understand these women. And I don't. They are sobbing because he didn't "pick" them. It's not team picking in a baseball league! Why get so upset if you just don't "click" with someone? Obviously it's not meant to be. The scarier part of that is how attached they become in a day, a week, heck even a month! What?? Then, there are the girls that never answer a question directly. The answer is always, "well I think you are so perfect and handsome and I just like being with you" followed by giggle, giggle. Some of the girls ONLY seem to giggle. At everything he says, and everything they say. It's enough to drive me crazy. And makes me happy I'm not a man. I'd hate to have to pick a partner out of the crop of women I'm seeing out there nowadays.

And what's with all the women on these shows? Are women today all really this superficial and shallow and manipulative? Have we regressed so much that we're back to it all being about attracting a man and our looks??

And right there is why I watch these shows. It's like a train wreck where you want to look away, but can't. It's also mind boggling to me, so it's like trying to work out a puzzle in my head. I'm full of questions when I watch, so it's kind of like Jeopardy. "Fake breasts and crocodile tears for 800, Alex."

The fact that I just wrote this blog about tv shows is really going to have my husband shaking his head this time. And frankly even concerns me! Have I really spent this precious time in my life worrying and postulating about Reality Tv?

Oh well. I guess we all are attracted in some way to drama that isn't our own. It's easier to render judgement that way. So, pass the popcorn and the tissues and let the catfights begin! Mreowr!

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