Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Blahs

When the heck is spring coming???

Seriously, I can't take much more. Today is a balmy +2C, but they are issuing a winter storm warning for tonight into tomorrow. Tomorrow's temp? A nice and cozy -22C. UUUUGH.

My girls have winter electives tomorrow, which has been every Friday of this month. My eldest alternates weeks between cross-country skiing or outdoor education which features Inuit games and quinzhee building. My youngest does outdoor games and fort building at the school. THAT should be a lot of fun in the proposed winter wonderland.

I read a startling statistic a few years back that the largest number of suicides take place in February. The theory was that depression worsened with the long winter months and the lack of Vitamin D derived from sunshine. I can totally see that.

I think when it first snows, it's a bit fun. Exciting. Maybe even beautiful. And then Christmas comes with all of it's flurry and joy and carousing to sustain us another month. Once January hits we are all starting to feel a little over the magic of Jack Frost. By mid February we are praying and hoping that spring is around the corner-no matter WHAT that little rodent groundhog told us was going to happen.

A lot of my friends have mentioned that they just feel "blah" right now. And I concur. I keep telling myself that there is really only a month and a bit left. What's a month after we've gone through so many months?? But the wait seems interminable and the next occasion seems out of reach.

Even doing all of the right things doesn't seem to help. I exercise, eat foods with Vitamin D and plenty of Vitamin C. Okay, I don't sleep much. I get outside every day for a little bit at least. Still, blah.

So for now, I'll be counting down the days until the sun once again warms my face and heart. I'll read magazines and books about spring gardens and planting and dream about Easter and the Bunny. At least in my head, I can envision a day so full of the sun's glory it can't help but erase the doldrums that I see outside my window.

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