Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Wretch Like Me

As you probably noticed, I didn't manage to write my blog yesterday. I just didn't have the energy or the creative juices flowing enough to do so and hold your interest in any way. In fact, the way I felt, the blog might have looked like a hallucinogenic trip on the good 'ol LSD. Today, I've managed to crawl myself to the kitchen to get my girls out the door to school, and to drag myself to the laptop, sweating profusely, to write this blog. Just for you. Feel special.

The flu virus struck me yesterday, yet not with the vengeance it had attacked my youngest daughter. I had the chills, the fever, the umm "ridding of substances." But mostly I was just exhausted and lying in bed.

The good news is my husband took the day off. The school buses were cancelled so the girls would be here with me all day. I knew I'd manage, but luckily I didn't have to do so! Woohoo! I got to sleep and rest and drink ginger ale all day. He took them to get their haircut, he took them to McDonald's and to play land. My eldest went to a friends to play for the afternoon, while my husband and youngest made chocolate chip cookies and watched a movie and did a little shopping. They brought me a magazine, the aforementioned ginger ale and gravol. (Praise Be!) They did laundry and folded it. My husband hates folding laundry. He even made dinner for all the gang and did their baths. It was a truly odd feeling to lie in bed and NOT DO ANYTHING. I felt lazy. Indulgent. I felt like I should get up and contribute SOMETHING.

But I didn't. I lay there. I napped for a long, long time.

And today, I feel much better. ALMOST back to my old self. But maybe I should milk it a little longer. It's not every day I get to lounge around!

I think I feel a tummy ache coming on. The Vapours!

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