Friday, February 20, 2009

Recession Recession

The bad news keeps pouring in from friends and neighbours with people being laid off left and right. Everybody seems unsure, stressed and poised to lose everything they have, which obviously isn't conducive to a positive world state.

My friends' company has announced a major "reorganization" which involves much re-alignment of districts and such, as well as many layoffs. It's shocking to get the news that somebody they worked with for many years now is suddenly.......gone. On top of which, one of their good friends and mentor of sorts was also let go. Sigh.

The gloom and darkness settles over us all.

I'm obviously thrilled that my husband's job is still there. I'm happy we are still "okay." But it makes you realize that at any moment, that "poor" family could be you. The rug can be pulled out from underneath you at any time. It's not a great feeling.

On top of which nowadays, where are you supposed to find ANOTHER job? People are scrambling left and right to find something, anything!

We had this happen to us once before, just after my eldest daughter was born. It was truly frightening with a new baby. We scrambled and cashed in RRSP's and my husband took the first job that came up until he found something better. Every day and every night was stress filled. But at least there WAS another job to be found.

The whole thing is so depressing and heart wrenching. I feel for all of those struggling to make it anew. All the while, hoping we don't find ourselves amongst them.

And so, I consider our options and how I can help out to have a little extra to put aside, or to pay something down. In that vein, I'm considering opening the home daycare again. I'm not sure when that would happen because the next two months for me are packed with travel and events. It's also a very weird time of year to open a daycare. It's always better to start in September. I'd like to just do a before and after school situation for those that need that care. That way, I can still have PD days and holidays with my family and not be open with a daycare. So, do I wait until September then? There are so many thoughts and questions.

For today, I am thankful for my husband working hard for our family and providing for us. I'm thankful I get to stay home and keep house and take care of our children. I'm thankful we have good meals and warmth. I'm thankful for good friends and good health.

While the world spins around me in chaos and chagrin, for today, I feel thankful.

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