Monday, January 25, 2010

All Adult, All Day

Under the threat of a "school cancellation" warning hanging over my head, I tucked myself into bed last night with the visions of my plans for today going down the drain. It was raining and icy, and my peeps in the 'hood (okay, so they are suburban moms) were issuing dire warnings that buses would likely be cancelled due to the freezing rain.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't ENJOY having my children home with me, it IS why I've stayed home all of these years, it's just that my husband is on holidays (a rare occurrence) and we had envisioned a day of lazing around and shopping and lunch together over candlelight.....I'm getting carried away now. Really, we had just planned to sleep. I also have an appointment to FINALLY use the gift certificate my husband gave me for my birthday in September to get my nails done.

Instead, I imagined we'd be trucking the girls around with us as we browsed in stores for a birthday gift for my Mom's 65th, which is always a tricky task. Or that I'd have to cancel my nail appointment. (Heaven Forbid!)

Yet, when I woke up and checked the bus cancellation website, there it was just glowing triumphantly from my computer screen!


Now, for some coffee and back to bed.

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