Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Daughters Rock My Socks

There are days when I can't wait for the shouting and fighting and scrambling to stop, and with a final wave to my girls, they are off to school, faces pressed against the bus window. I'm left taking a huge deep breath, and giving a little sigh, happy for some quiet restored to my day.

Yet, for all of the struggles and impatience and days when I feel like I just might actually go crazy, I really can't imagine a day without those wee chicks.

As they grow and change and blossom, I just see so much in them that makes my heart swell with pride. While they may fight like cats and dogs with each other, out there in the Big World, I hear nothing but glowing reports.

This morning, while we were standing at the bus stop waiting, another mom that waits with us commented on how my girls are always so polite and quiet and just have the greatest manners. I hear often from school teachers and activity leaders that my girls are polite, but also that they are kind. My eldest's teacher says she's always the one to help out or offer to do extra with the little kids in other grades. In fact, she volunteers her lunch hour several days a week to "mentor" a little boy. She helps him get ready and eat and such. His parents even gave her a note of thanks at Christmas. My youngest apparently is the model for how to act in class and her teacher appreciates the calming influence she brings on others in the class. (what the? Is this even the same kid?) She attended her first Sparks meeting last night, and another Mom stopped me at the bus this morning to tell me how sweet my little firecracker was and how she was such a joy to be around.

I know I'm Mama Bragging. I think the good qualities are what we try to focus on and nurture and keep fostering so that they continue, and in the hopes that they overwhelm the "not so stellar" moments that we also all share.

In that light, I've been talking to my girls about the horrors going on in Haiti. Obviously, I've watered it down somewhat so that they aren't seeing graphic images or can still sleep at night without the terror of nightmares that they get plagued with when faced with inequities or unkindness. I'd like us, as a family, to "do more." I'd like my girls to be involved in helping out someone else-with no payback other than the feeling of satisfaction and joy that being charitable can bring. I'd like to make the world seem a little smaller.

We've discussed working with World Vision and sponsoring a child. I have friends who have done this for years now and truly find it inspiring and concrete. I have friends with plans to travel to visit their Foster Child as well. One friend sent school supplies to her foster child's whole school for Christmas, in the name of her children's teachers. She said he sends photos with gifts they've sent and homemade cards with her children's school pictures. It's real and tangible help-not just for the child, but for the community. Right now, World Vision is already in Haiti, and has been for some time. There are also profiles of children who are living in communities with a high risk of HIV and a need for fostering. I think for $35 a month, it's way more beneficial and character building than eating out at a restaurant, or buying even more Webkinz.

Over the weekend, I believe we'll move into action and make our family a little larger with the edition of a new child. It may be one that is physically farther away, but the scope, I hope, will bring our worlds, and our hearts, that much closer. My goal is to encourage my already kindhearted girls, into being big hearted ones as well.

There are so many profiles of children worldwide. I encourage you to find a way that you, too, can make a difference in the life of a child, near or far, today. Let's not take our privilege for granted, but use it for good.


  1. Sponsoring a child is a great thing to do. We've been sponsoring a little girl in Guatemala for several years now, via Compassion International and it's been a wonderful experience for the whole family.

  2. We're just starting to look into it-but can't wait to begin! :)