Friday, January 8, 2010

Sickies and Weekends

Well, we're heading into a weekend filled with plans and those plans may not be coming to fruition.

My eldest daughter missed the first day back at school, with fever and a cough, holding her up. She went back the next day, but she's still pretty pale and tired looking.

My youngest daughter missed school yesterday, with just a fever. It's strange because she literally has no other symptoms. She seemed fine all day yesterday, so I sent her back today. Well, the school called around 11 to ask us to please, kindly, come get her again because she had a fever and didn't feel well. Sigh.

I totally blame the holidays and our raucous, crazy partying. HA! We WERE out late a few nights and their normally very consistently enforced bedtime flew out the window. We also slept in late, ate on the fly, and well, partied like it was 2009.

So, I'm not so sure my daughter and I will be making it to her "girls night" sleepover Saturday night. We were supposed to go Moms and Daughters to a friends, for dinner and drinks. (well, drinks for Moms) The little girls would then sleepover and the Moms would hightail it outta there!!!

On Sunday, we were supposed to head out of town to a nearby town with better shopping. The girls have gift cards to use at Old Navy (sadly, not located in my town) and I have a gift certificate for a restaurant there. We were going to make a day of it and pick up a few things for Mommy as well.

It looks like we may be having a weekend of lazing around in our jammies, renting movies and playing some Wii. Hmmm. That still sounds mighty fine to this tired, old Mom.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. I forgot to mention that I love the makeover your blog received, very cool!