Friday, January 29, 2010

Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag

I had to keep this info on the "down low" last week, but now that it's all done and we're back safe and sound, I can let you all in on the secret.

My Mom turns 65 today and it just so happened that my husband had a conference in our hometown for the Tuesday and Wednesday. We decided to surprise my mom for her birthday and drive down. We told her to be ready with a bag packed, including swimsuit, and someone would come pick her up Tuesday at 4pm until Wednesday evening.

When I called my Mom to inform her, she hemmed and hawed and said she couldn't possibly go unless she had more details. Sigh. Try to do something exciting and.......

Anyways, after filling in some blanks, she seemed excited, and I know we were, here. We arrived in town around 2pm on Tuesday and did some running around first. We picked up some dinner and then picked up my Mom. While my husband was at his dinner, we dined on Chinese food and my girls got to love on their Granny as much as they could and wanted. We went for a swim in the frigid hotel pool (turns out the heater was broken) and then soaked indulgently in the hot tub for a good long while.

My girls were beyond ecstatic to see my Mom, and especially to get to sleep with her in the hotel bed. (and make her scratch their backs for waaay longer than I ever do) We stayed up late talking and laughing and gave my Mom her gifts. We had brought her an organic goat's milk soap bar that is really great for sensitive skin. The real gift though was an artisan piece-a turquoise and carnelian and Swavortski crystal necklace. It's a really different piece and really more like art. My Mom loves turquoise so we thought it was apropos. She seemed to be very pleased with everything. As were we, of course!

In the morning, we feasted on the hotel's breakfast buffet and then headed out to the movie theatre to see "The Tooth Fairy." (which is hilarious, btw) We met up with my sister and her kiddos, all looking better than ever, and also had lunch out. The kids were thrilled to see their cousins and you could feel the energy in the air. Literally. We were going to all go back to the hotel and swim, but the sub-zero temps of the pool weren't really conducive to that, so we hung out and my sister gave my Mom their gifts.

That evening, we had a delicious dinner at The Keg (and yes, my diet was clearly out the window for the two days that we were in town) and perused the shelves at the new T and T store. I could have stayed in there forever, frankly.

Finally, we dropped my Mom back home with a bittersweet feeling in our hearts. It was a great treat to be able to come down for her birthday and see her, but it's always sad having to leave again for an indefinite time period. We likely won't be back until spring-if then.

We left early Thursday morning, to make it home in time for my youngest to get to her school play where she was playing the part of the cow. The smallest, cutest cow I've ever seen, let it be known.

I'm feeling so exhausted today and am all mixed up in what day of the week it is now. I have my daycare kids back today, and it's a PD day on top of that. I didn't sleep well the night before we left, nor at the hotel, and not that great last night either. I'm hoping tonight and the weekend gives me some recovery time after our whirlwind trip.

Happy Birthday to my Mom today. She's 65 years young, and doesn't look a day over 50, tops. She has not one wrinkle, I kid you not. I hope she always remains young at heart as well, as young as she looks!

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  1. What a treat for all of you! It sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your mom's 65th!