Friday, January 22, 2010

On To The Weekend!

I feel a buzz in the air today and a little bit of excitement for what is coming up! It started today with the fact that my husband is on holidays for the next week, almost! That is a rare, rare occurrence. Of course, today, I'm still working and he's running errands, so it's not that thrilling for either of us. However, it's just nice to know he's around and that he'll be here for lunch and to make dinner (mwahahahah) and for the entire evening.

Tomorrow, we're invited to spend the day in the great outdoors with 40 friends. I know about 14 of them, tops. My friend and her family invited us along with them and some other families I've met a few times, to a sleigh ride that lasts a few hours, and ends at a campfire replete with marshmallows and hotdogs. The family that is hosting didn't realize that ALL of the people they mentioned it to would actually show, but RSVP yes they did.

After the sleigh ride and campfire, we'll head back to their house. They live on a lake and have made a nice, big skating rink. We'll skate on the lake and then enjoy a potluck dinner and kids playing and adults chatting. I'm thinking that night we'll all sleep like we've never slept before. I'm hoping it's not too cold out as well!! I decided to keep my potluck contributions kid friendly and easy to keep in the car the whole time we're outside. I'm just doing a veggie platter, a fruit platter and a cold meat and cheese platter with crackers and breads. I might do some sandwiches as well. I think that will be easier for kids to assemble or grab on their own and also saves me having to heat anything up afterwards.

I'm really looking forward to it and am glad we got invited and are expanding our ever growing circle, here.

Sunday we're just cleaning and hanging out in prep for our big week ahead. I'll let you know all about that, next week.

Have a fantastic weekend! Enjoy whatever it is that you have planned!


  1. Sounds awesome! Don't drop the platter!!!

  2. LOL Julie! What a disaster THAT was....only "I" would do that, I swear. But nope-I didn't drop a thing! :)