Monday, January 11, 2010

The Lovely Bones

How old is this book? Yet, I haven't read it yet. Back in the day, I recall it being passed around and I remember many a friend offering it to me to read. I always refused because the subject matter is dark, depressing and umm, yucky. That's just not the typical type of book I read.

I was in the movie theatre with friends, though, and saw the preview for the upcoming movie. It looked really good, in a creepy but not totally gory way. Here's something about me that you should know. I don't "do" anything scary. Nothing. I don't watch movies that are creepy, scary, gory. I don't read books in that vein either. I watched The Shining at a sleepover when I was 13 and literally, I kid you not, woke up with nightmares several times a week, for THREE years. I just think I wasn't really exposed to that genre, and I never became desensitized to it. My girls are the same. I'm very strict with what they watch or are exposed to, and so when they even see people being MEAN to each other in movies or on tv, they want it turned off immediately. No Harry Potter movie fans here.

Anyways, my friend said I HAD to read the book before we see the film. She had a copy and summarily thrust it into my shaking hands. I've had it now two nights and haven't even cracked the spine. Why? I'm skeered! Do I really want to read that right before bed? Me???

I guess I'll try again tomorrow. In the daylight hours. With my Blackberry by my side, just in case.

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  1. It really is a good book but I sure won't be going to see the movie! That probably isn't making you want to dive in though,huh? lol