Thursday, January 14, 2010

Out The Window With The Bath Water

I had big plans for today. Oh, not exciting plans or anything, just things I wanted to tackle. I need to clean my house from top to bottom, meaning vacuuming, dusting, mopping. I did the bathrooms the other day and did the laundry. Well, mostly did the laundry. I still have to put it away. I was going to do my Shred (*$#@!!) and run on the treadmill as well.

I've folded the laundry and brought it up to the appropriate rooms, but haven't put it away yet. I'm still sitting in my jammies after finishing lunch. (and I'm now eating Cherries with an itchy tongue.)

I'm thinking that, you know what, since before the holidays, I haven't had one day to myself not involving some small person needing me or needing something from me. I keep my house pretty tip top to begin with, and while it's not my current standard, it's nothing a day or two will mind.

As to the working out, my goal is 5x a week for Shred and three for running. I could do them tomorrow and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday, and still meet that quota.

So, you know what? I went to bed really late last night (1am) and I didn't sleep well. I have no kids at home today and no commitments tonight. I think I'm going to grab a shower, put laundry away and then curl up with The Lovely Bones (shudder) and read and sip tea and just "take a day." They don't come often and really, why the hell not?

It's already 1pm, which means that my two sweethearts will be home in 3 hours anyways. We're invited to the neighbours for dinner as well! So, other than homework and baths, I'm thinking this will be a great day to just get some inner "me" time.

That's exactly what I feel I need and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

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