Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walking And Talking

My friend and I have decided to walk three mornings a week together, with others joining occasionally, or not. Today marked Day 1 of our trek. The thing is, her husband leaves for work at 630am, so she needs to be home by then. You do the math. We leave our houses at 530am. Yuck.

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a morning person. I can get by on very little sleep better than most. In fact, I'd say I've probably gone on 5-6 hours of sleep for the last oh.....ten years? So, it's not the lack of sleep that kills me, it's just the getting up early. I'd much rather stay up til all hours, and then sleep in a little in the morning. It works out to the same AMOUNT of hours, it's just skewed a little differently than most.

We discussed some evening jaunts around the 'hood, but with five children between us and various activities, that just didn't seem to be working out. So, 530am it is then.

It was still dark as I pried my eyes open this morning. I crept stealthily into the bathroom to throw in my contact lenses, and then tiptoed down the stairs where I dressed in the dim light of the stove hood light. Once outside, it felt great though, I have to admit. It was pretty warm out this morning, and half way through I ended up removing my hat and my gloves.

We chatted about everything under the sun, huffing and puffing a little on the big hills, and started cruising in for the last stretch at exactly 615am. I grabbed a shower and then crawled back into bed for 30 glorious minutes. My mind wouldn't shut off and I couldn't fall back asleep, but I felt good. Content.

Once the family began to stir, with complaints of it being too early and that they needed more time, I chuckled and told them I'd already been up, walked 45 mins, had a shower and crawled back into bed to await the rest of the world's awakening.

My youngest daughter's reply? "Well, you're crazy then."

Crazy is as crazy does, my sweet.

While I'm exhausted now, hitting my wall at 1pm, I'm still happy that I got in a brisk walk early this morning and that I can just enjoy my day from here. Well, except for the cursed Shred, later.

For now, I hear the couch calling my name for a little tardes siesta.

Until the next early morning call to walk.

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  1. Yay for you!! I am so the same way...I can be up till 2,3 am and get up when I have to....not a second sooner. But to try and get out of bed when I absolutely do not have to be yet....not easy at all.