Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby Days

Today is Day 1 of my starting to watch a little 1 year old boy for a friend. She's a teacher and has been on mat leave for the year, but has to go back next Tuesday til the end of school in June. So, I've agreed to take care of him for the next month.

It's been, oh, probably about 5 years at least since I've done daycare for a baby. When I had my youngest, she and her cousin are a month apart, I had the two of them in my care. At that time, I also started watching a 6 month old baby when her Mom went back to work early. Let me repeat that, over 5 years ago now! That seems crazy to me. Where does time go, again?

It's been a long time since I had bottles and tiny food morsels and Cheerios for snacking. I was giving him his bottle before naptime, and he was squirming in my arms, clearly frustrated with me. I know it's cause it's all new to him and feels different to him, just as it does to me. He's also getting used to a new set of rules, a new set of arms and a new way of doing things.

Next week, he starts full time. Luckily for me, I only have the two three year olds I take care of on the Friday, so it'll be he and I from Tuesday til then. Hopefully in that time, we can get a little more acquainted and used to each others noises and likes and dislikes and expectations.

It's good practice, considering both Moms of the three year old girls are on mat leave. Yep, come November, I'll be watching two one year olds and two three year olds fulltime. This is a nice way to break myself in as well.

That is-if we still live here. I'll update on THAT as it transpires!

For now, back to cooing and Baby Mums and soothers and bottles. Oh, and singing and snuggling and inhaling that intoxicating baby scent. Nothing like it.

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