Monday, May 17, 2010

Throwin' In The Towel

There are just some days where it feels not only right, but necessary, to throw your pre-scheduled activities and plans out the window and live in the moment. I'm not always Miss Spontaneity by nature, but when I can, I like to try and seize it.

I have a usual list of things on Monday nights that I like to do or get done so that we can get on to the next activity. We eat dinner by 5pm, for example, and we get homework and stuff done right from school. On Mondays, I usually try to keep my kids inside after school, as opposed to playing out in the court with their friends, because it's a busy night for us.

But today, we threw all caution and plans to the wind.

It was a beautiful, hot, 28C here. My husband was off work and went to pick my girls up from school so they wouldn't have to take their normal 1 hour bus ride. They got home early, and got all of their stuff done. I was outside saying goodbye to my daycare charge at this point, and the girls begged to play with their friends "just for a bit." Well, my little 2 year old neighbour got out her family's hose. She started spraying her van. She started spraying the grass. She then sprayed my husband right in the face.

From there, chaos ensued. Suddenly, from every door and every home, kids in bathing suits with towels in hand came streaming into the street. My eldest got a big bucket and gave it to me. I stealthily crept up behind my husband and threw it at his head. The water, not the bucket. Tempting though.

I immediately was set upon by a legion of children with hoses, water guns, buckets and pails. I was drenched. A good note to self is to not wear terry capris when engaging in a water fight. I could barely keep my 500lb pants on!

Every single mother, child and father was attacked and drenched to the bone. There was much laughing and falling and spraying and strategy. It was an absolute blast and everyone went into their homes for dinner with plans for another court water fight.

Our plans got changed tonight. Actually, they got thrown out completely. We ate dinner at 7pm and not what was on my menu. I know, living on the edge, here!

Sometimes, the best laid plans are those that aren't planned. It was a great evening and my family is now sound asleep in their beds, sunkissed noses and shoulders, waterlogged bodies and all.

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