Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back To Life.....

So, I embarked on my "Girls Weekend" on Friday afternoon, with butterflies in my stomach and I dare say, tears in my eyes. Yes, I'm a complete lame-o. My friend had picked up one of the ladies and they arrived in the minivan to collect my neighbour and I.

As I threw (okay, threw might be stretching it. I could barely lift the thing) my luggage into the back of the van, I was struck by a huge assortment of booze. We had each brought a bottle of wine, or two. There was butterscotch rum and coolers and I don't even know what else. It took half of the space. Apparently this weekend was going to be a little more wild than I had thought!

As we made our way along, we stopped at outlets and shopped a little. I got some stuff for my girls, of course, but I also managed to pick up some flip flops for myself and a sun hat. We laughed and sang and took our time.

We decided Friday night to hit a sports bar type restaurant to watch the Pens/Canadiens game. My friend's brother is Mike Yeo, assistant coach on the Penguins so she hates to miss a game. We hit Jack Astor's, which was delicious and fun. I had an almond crusted cod in a coconut red curry sauce if you care to know. I was just happy I didn't have to make it, nor did I have to clean anything up. Hooray!

Back at the hotel we had a glass of wine or two, some snacks, and chatted for awhile over a "conversation starter" game for women. My stomach was starting to ache from laughing so hard, but also started to feel a little "off" and bloated. By the time everyone else was settled and fast asleep, I was rolling around in my bed trying to deal with my stomach issues. That was not a great start to the weekend but I figured it would be gone by morning.

We indulged in the hotel's yummy free breakfast (after waking up at 545am. Seriously. Our big plans to sleep in were apparently thwarted by our "mommy" time clocks. Dang it.) and hit the road. That day we went to Vaughan Mills Mall and Yorkdale Mall, with a lunch at Montana's and a dinner at Moxie's thrown in the mix. I kid you not when I say, this was some power shopping. We shopped, stopping only for those meals, from 9am to 9pm. Crazy.

I hit up the typical stores for my kids and husband and made a few beelines to La Senza and many, many shoe stores for myself. I got a cute dress at Roots as well. However, all day Saturday, my recurring theme was my stupid stomach. I just did not feel well, though I played it off. It put a total damper on the day. Sigh.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and had some wine and laughed like crazy people. We laughed so much that security came to our room and knocked on the door. My friend yelled out, "We're SLEEPING," which of course just made us laugh more. After our "noise warning" we talked awhile longer, with Paul Blart Hotel Cop's words ringing in our ears. Thankfully, I was starting to feel much better by this point.

Sunday I felt almost my old self, and after breakfast we checked out and headed shopping yet again. This time we went to a HUGE Ikea (like 2 huge warehouse floors) and then a few places we wanted to go back to or missed. One of those places was yet another shoe store. Of course. We're 4 women, what do you expect?

Finally, we were back on the road and it felt bittersweet. We had all had a great time, but we missed our families too. My girls ran out to meet me when the van pulled up, and my husband had made a delicious dinner of chicken he had brined all day and then roasted. It felt warm and welcoming to be back in my own space, even though the tidying up nearly set my OCD radar to stun! It actually wasn't too bad, just a little less picked up than I like it. The girls made fun of my tidying habits in the hotel too, so I guess it's just a sickness.

I had a truly great time and the plans are already in the works for a girls weekend at my friends cottage. I'm counting down the days already! I needed the time to regroup and refocus, as well as to take some pressure off of all of the worries and stresses that make up schedules and future planning.

Next adventure takes me "home" and to a "Sex and the City" evening with my best friends. Did I mention that I'm counting down? Ya. I can't wait!

Maybe this "Girl Weekend" thing will become a regular habit. Now, how to also fit in a weekend somewhere with my husband? That's next on the agenda!

I don't think he'll like the 12 hour shopping trips though.

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