Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Like Big Butts And I Cannot Lie......

Actually that title IS a lie. I seriously don't get this new "fad" of big bootay's being an enviable quality. When did this happen?

I must have missed something along my formative years, because I don't remember ever seeing guys go nutso over the girls with a lot of junk in their trunk. It could be that I grew up in a very WASP-y environment, where big butts do not run the norm, but I'm pretty positive that even the standard set by models and celebrities at the time was not one of an apple bottom. As a kid, Christie Brinkley and the Charlie's Angels were the hotties. Nary a baby with back in that pack.

Suddenly, with J-lo's arrival, having some "jelly" was fashionable. I hear it said by guys I know now that they like a little badonkadonk. Well, some guys. Some guys I know are still old fashioned in their desire for a little less bootay.

I remember thinking when J-lo came on the scene and her butt was EVERYWHERE, that I didn't want a butt like that, nor did I want anyone to be ready for my jelly. I'm all about curves, but I couldn't understand how a big, rounded hind end (that frankly looked a little saggy to me) was "hot." I still don't get it. It could be because that's so opposite to my own build that it's so foreign to me.

That's what makes the world go 'round though right? J-lo is the typical pear shaped mama. She's got an ample bottom and is smaller on top. That works for some. Thankfully, for some others, a big chest with long legs and no butt works for others. (hi hun!) I'm all about owning what you have and being happy with who you are inside and out. What men think shouldn't even matter really, cause when it comes down to it, are they really that particular? Uh ya. No.

My post is more centered about how the times they are a 'changing. What once was "in" changes as we as a society change depending on the music, the culture and the influences of the time. It takes all kinds of beautiful women to make this world what it is today, and to teach our daughters that no matter junk in your trunk or long legs or boobs you could set a glass on, it's all good.

Not bootylicious for all, but all good.

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  1. Lol!!! My cousin and I ALWAYS sing Baby Got Back at karaoke and the funniest part is that both of us have virtually zero in the behind.

    Quite honestly, I'd rather look good coming from the front...where my face actually is, then having a bodacious booty!