Monday, May 31, 2010

The Week Ahead

It's another full week ahead, and I keep waiting for when this schedule is going to "wind down" for the summer. Geesh.

I have a full daycare this week, so that always makes life (and my days) interesting. Two three year olds, one potty training and one still having accidents, make up my days. I'd hazard a guess that I've potty trained at least 10 kids. When you are thankful you are "finished" training your two kids, think of me. I also have a little 1 year old boy now too. It's funny how you forget about Cheerios and morning naps, but here I am back to it.

Tonight is our new (ish) puppy's first doggy obedience class. Since I had 4 hours sleep (don't ask) and the room where they hold the training is tiny-my husband and daughters are going to go. After that, it may just be my husband going for the next 5 weeks. My friends tell me you see an immediate difference from Class 1. Darby is pretty good already. She knows sit, stay, come, down and shake a paw. She's very sociable and friendly. However, that's where she needs work. You cannot jump on everybody you meet for 10 minutes and pee on the floor in your excitement. She also tugs on the leash when you walk her and it's like a choke hold with her panting as you walk along.

I have to buy a birthday gift for my friends daughter's 3rd birthday party on Thursday night, and a "cottage warming" gift for their new place. I also have to clean the house top to bottom one night in anticipation for my Mom's arrival.

This weekend is dress rehearsal and photos on Saturday, and Sunday is the big dance recital. My Mom and I are going to then take the girls out for a celebratory dinner while my husband has to go back to work. Boo hiss.

My youngest also has a field trip, and it's the first one she's ever going on without her Dad and I tagging along. It's an hour and a half bus ride away and she's super nervous. She said on one hand she'd like to stay home, on the other she doesn't want to miss the fun. I told her that some kids NEVER have their parents on field trips and she thought that was horrific. It's just not her normal. We'll see what happens with that and what she decides!

I have menu plans to type up and print, and bums to change and beds to tuck children into for sleep. I better get back to it!

Happy Week!

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  1. I'm tired just reading this... but then I start to think about my week, and it's not that different, though not as many bums to change and blastball rather than dance recital :(