Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mommy Madness

Tomorrow is the big day. I send my kiddos on the bus, pack my bags, and head out with three other Moms for a girls weekend away.

Guess how I'm feeling about it? I bet your answer is not going to be right.

I'm a bit anxious! I was even teary last night thinking about being away from my girls. Clearly, I don't go away enough.

I know it's going to be a blast. These other Moms have babies, so they are even more excited than I am to get outta Dodge. We have movies planned, dinners, shopping galore. We're all bringing a bottle of wine.

As one friend said, "We're going to go to dinner at 5pm and not leave the restaurant til 10pm! We're going to savour every moment, even if it means pre-dinner drinks, dinner drinks, and dessert drinks." Umm, I may be passed out at the dinner drink stage.

I know I need this time. I know it's good to recharge my batteries and spend some time in adult company. I know my girls and husband will have a great time here. My husband travels on business once a month, so the girls are used to him being gone a few days and "just" being with me. They aren't however, used to Mommy being gone.

It doesn't help that yesterday at the bus stop my youngest started tearing up about me going away. That got me tearing up as well. Sigh.

Wish me some safe travels, if you can. Oh, and maybe send a little extra thought that I just relax and enjoy and that it makes my homecoming on Sunday even more special.

Maybe I just need a little extra retail therapy.

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