Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't Play Coy When It Comes To Fat!

Let me preface this by saying, (and mostly so I don't get a ton of comments preaching) that I know weight loss is achieved and sustained with good old fashioned portion control and exercise. We all "know" that fact. However, it doesn't stop the weight loss industry from raking in the dough, now does it? Nor, apparently, does it stop me from trying every trick, fad and gimmick out there-even though my sane self knows better.

Here's the thing though, I think when you've lost a ton of weight and it's obvious for all to see, you have a moral obligation to share your tricks and tips. That's right, I said it! I think you are MORALLY OBLIGATED. C'mon, it's just fair. As a former struggling dieter, you know we all want to know the HOW and we hope that some of what you did will work for us. Why, then, are some people so stingy and cryptic about their success?

Someone I know has lost a bunch of weight, and so has her husband. They've lost it, it seems, pretty rapidly too. I figure they've done Bernstein or something but what do I know? A bunch of people asked her what they were doing, adding of course that they look great. Her response? " Salads and running." Umm, vague much? It's not that I disbelieve that eating salad or running could result in that kind of loss, but I'm sure there is more to it than that. I also don't understand what the deal is with not sharing "the secret" so that others can profit? Is it because you're embarrassed that you had weight to lose? Is there some secret oath that once at ideal weight you can no longer speak of dieting?

I love the people who have lost a significant amount and shout it from the rooftops. They want anybody and everybody to know the how, what, when and why. They want everyone to experience the success, joy, energy and vitality that they are now feeling. They finally got it and they want to help others to get there too. They understand that even though we all KNOW the right way to lose weight, we still need a plan, encouragement, and pointers. If we didn't, diet books wouldn't sell like, well, hotcakes.

I just don't get the coy act and the quick non-descriptive answers to "how'd you do it?" Don't just tell me to eat a salad and go for a run. Tell me what you ate every single day for a week and how you started the running component and what worked best for you and what totally failed. I'm a detail person who likes organization and a plan. Abstract answers and concepts just make me see red.

Listen, we all know you had weight to lose. We all are happy you lost it and are looking and feeling fab. We don't want to steal your thunder or gossip about you behind your back. We want help with OUR back.....sides. So give some much needed aid to a frustrated dieter in need next time they ask you that dreaded question. You may very well be setting somebody else off on the path that will lead them to where you are now-and isn't that a good, pay it forward kind of thing?

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