Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions=One Bite At A Time

I read constantly, whether online or actual paper books. (gasp!) I gather so much information in my wee head that sometimes I forget from where it came. So, if I got this from you, jump in and lay your claim! I'm not stealing your thunder, just your idea!

Every year I make a long list of "New Year's Resolutions." I can go back a few years and see the same ones, actually. Why? They never came to fruition. By mid-February I'm overwhelmed by my list and by the fact that I've not accomplished one single thing on it.

Then, I read The Idea. I thought it was brilliant, and I'm going to try and put it into practice myself this year. The concept is that instead of making an unattainable list, you break it down and only make one resolution per MONTH. The chance of actually meeting one goal each month is more realistic than an imposing and long tally. Then, just maybe, at the end of the year, you'll have met TWELVE resolutions as opposed to one or two. (or um, none.)

The unimaginable part is that while I have a mile long "To Do" list for certain events coming up, or vague ideas of things I'd like to happen, I don't really have a 12 item long list of resolutions. January's resolution will also encompass the next few months, and it's sort of a stepping stone into other goals.

So, let's start there. Resolution number 1 is on my agenda for this month. I will update you as soon as I've placed that ever elusive "check" by it's title and move on to February.

What do you think? Does one resolution a month work better for you, or are you a die-hard traditionalist who prefers a list? Or maybe, do you not make resolutions at all?


  1. oooh - I like one resolution a month. But then, do you have to keep them up all year? That's twelve resolutions. I don't think there are twelve things I could resolve to do - or maybe there are. I'll think on this overnight.

    I don't usually make resolutions - just set a theme for the year. This year it's FUN - yay!

  2. I think, or at least what I'm trying to do, is to set one resolution a month and by that month's end-have it accomplished and checked off. So, it's not a year long thing-just month by month. There are some that will be year long...but those are general resolutions that I seem to make every year. LOL