Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Gonna Be A Lab Rat

My friend from highschool (who is an Engineer by the way) has decided that she wants to stay home with her three kids, as she feels that it's important time that she won't be able to get back, and best for them. She'd also, however, like to make a little money and have a side project or goal to work towards. Well, you know, like besides the goal of raising moral, productive, kind members of society.

She started using Arbonne a few years back and noticed a huge change in her skin, for the better. As a firm believer in the product, and as an Engineer that likes tricky stuff like science and chemicals, she has now decided to sell it and highly endorses it.

I've never used Arbonne. I'm not really a makeup kind of gal. I mean, I WEAR makeup and I wash my face, but I usually go to Walmart or the drugstore and am a devotee of Cover Girl or Maybelline or whatever is on sale. While all my friends are over at MAC and Clinique, I'm content with my Cetaphil and Revlon. It's how I roll. My skin is uber sensitive, and I have allergies, so when I find something that doesn't give me hives or cause a reaction-I stick with it.

Lately though, since I moved to this new province, my skin is plagued by dryness. I've never had flaky skin like I do here. I live in a wind tunnel apparently, so that may have something to do with it too. On top of the dryness, I've been breaking out like a teenager. It's a really attractive look. I've tried everything going and when I moisturize, I end up breaking out. If I DON'T moisturize, I can peel my face off one layer at a time. Not. Fun.

So, my friend asked if I'd like to try some samples for free and see if Arbonne's natural ingredients and gentle formulations make any difference in my now problematic countenance. Turn down free stuff? Uh ya, no. Of course I said yes.

She thought maybe the Arbonne Clear Advantage line would be best for me, but didn't have any samples of that. Instead, she sent me their new FC5 line for oily/combination skin. I have enough to test it for a week, with daily use. She also sent two shades of lip tint, a bronzer, a hair mask and some primer. I started off with the FC5 last night and today applied the moisturizer, along with the makeup.

I'll let you know by week's end how I rate the product, if I'll be purchasing, and if I've noticed subtle or grand changes in my skin.

Do any of you use Arbonne? Have you tried it? What are your experiences?


  1. I've tried it. I enjoyed it, but I find it expensive. I'm good with my plain dermatologist-recommended drug store brands (for skincare- not for most make-up).

    Let's see how you like it!

  2. I am way too poor for any of that stuff. I ahve a friend who swears by Bare Minerals. I will have to stick with Covergirl and such! And I use Cetafil becuase my dermatologist recommends it! No pushing of expensive cleansers!

  3. I've never heard of Arbonne. I sometimes receive gift cards from SDM and will splurge on something nice, otherwise, I buy whatever is on sale at the time. Let us know how the testing goes!

  4. I'm a drugstore gal. My old dermatologist recommended Cetaphil and any product with 2% salicylic-that was all. I'm always open to checking new products out-so if you have any recommendations-bring them on! :)