Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Movie Viewing

I can honestly say I did a whole lot o'nothin this weekend. It was glorious! I did my Couch to 5K Running program on Saturday, and I did some cookie baking and some casserole making (Here, if you're interested Yep, that about sums it up.

I did manage, however, to watch a bunch of movies and TV.

I had wanted to see the movie "Whip It" for a long time but for some weird reason just hadn't caught it yet. It could have to do with the fact that my husband had zero interest and we usually watch movies together. I checked it out on Netflix, and stayed up til 2am finishing it. I have a bit of a girl crush on Drew Barrymore so that was incentive too. I'm always a bit leery watching what I think might be an "alternative" movie because often I don't see the deep, dark meanings or artsy flair. I just see, umm, crap? "Whip It" was not crap. Loved it!

I used to love roller skating back in the day. I had a pair of white boots with red wheels and I'd practice skating around my basement. I could go backward and do spins and I loved going to the indoor skating rink to get down to the funky grooves. It's been a looonng time though since I've been on roller skates. I never got into rollerblading either. I like sports that allow some aggression, so I can totally see myself as a Derby Girl. Well, not so much the skimpy costumes but the hits? Bring it. I went to bed thinking up Derby names for myself-small details like being able to roller skate be damned.

Yesterday, I watched "500 Days of Summer." I had heard a lot of buzz around this flick, but it didn't seem like my type of thing. My husband took my girls to see "Tangled" (again) and I was home alone so I figured why not. Again, I liked it! When did that kid from "3rd Rock From The Sun" get so darned cute? It wasn't your average "love story" which I enjoyed. I also thought the premise of the plot was believable. It's kind of the same thing that I yell at the TV when I watch "The Bachelor." I don't know why people get so upset when they don't get "picked" or a short dating thing doesn't work out. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with YOU. It just means you aren't right for each other. Who cares? That means the right person for you is still out there, and wouldn't you rather be with the right person than the wrong person? Huh? I think people have such stars in their eyes they see what they want instead of the reality before them. I've never had that romantic idealism so my pesky realism is always present, sometimes to my detriment.

I topped off my weekend of laziness by watching (and Tweeting) the Golden Globes. In all honesty, it was a pretty boring awards show. Other than Glee, Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch-I didn't really care about the other winners(or losers). I also felt like all of the dresses were pretty "meh". It was fun tweeting though and hearing all the hilarious comments and thoughts. Once again I stayed up too late, but that's the price to pay for being an awards show junkie.

I'm off today to catch up on laundry and maybe some sleep, after I do my walk/run. It's a freezing day, so that sounds just about right. It's a rough life.

Enjoy your day! Stay warm!

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