Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fever-Not The Saturday Night Kind

My kids are fever aficionado's. As soon as a mere scent of a germ enters our home, it's fever time. My sister's kids barely ever get fevers. What's up with that? I even asked my doctor once why that is and her reply was twofold. One, I had a febrile convulsion as a child and basically, am prone to fever. I got fevers both deliveries of my girls. Whenever I got ill as a child, my Mom would find me hallucinating (I kid you not) and beet red faced. So, it's likely a genetic temperature setting thing. By the way, that wasn't how my doctor described it but she was all medical and stuff and who the heck knows how to rephrase that accurately.

The second thing she said was that she'd rather see someone get fevers than not. Apparently, it's a good thing because it means your body is fighting infection. Yay antibodies!

But back to my kid.

My daughter went on a play date last week. The Mom said she'd been deathly ill over Christmas and her son had had a cold, but they were both all good and the house had been super sterilized. I know this Mom and trust me, she Javex'ed the whole place. I didn't think there would be any harm. Hmpf, looks like I'm the idiot. There's a surprise!

Yesterday my youngest came home from school just not looking like herself. I figured it's the "back to school routine" fatigue and tell her to chill out and watch a show. It was a dance night so I thought a little rest, dinner and we'd be good to go again. Nope. Wrong again Einstein!

She fell asleep hard and woke up red faced. She said she wasn't hungry and she didn't think she could go to dance. Yep, it was fever time.

She was home with me today, and other than the 104 fever and fatigue, she seems alright. She had a bit of a headache and her stomach hurt, but she ate and sang and even danced a bit-so I don't think it was that bad. Yet, the fever persists.

I guess it means she's fighting something in there and of course I'm glad it's not worse. I just hate these crazy high temps seemingly for no reason.

It's a good excuse to spend the day in my bed with her, eating dry Cheerios and watching kids shows I love. (ie Phineas and Ferb) We also did quite a bit of snuggling and laughing.

I guess fevers aren't ALL bad when I get a day with my wee girl. Let's just hope she doesn't start hearing the people arguing in the corner. What? You don't hear that when you're temperature is soaring? Guess that's just me, then.


  1. grace and edie used to hit the 104 mark all the time as infants, and haven't....dare i say, had a fever in a couple of years?
    hope everyone is health soon :)


  2. Well it certainly sounds like you know how to make the most of your kids' fevers.
    Mine get fevers very easily too. At this point, I don't even own a thermometer, I can just tell. Nothing Motrin can't bring down.

  3. I rarely take temps because I know it'll be there, and be high. Once I see the number, it often freaks me out. LOL I try every and all of the methods to bring it down, but number one is just making them comfortable.
    thanks for reading!