Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Magnetic Pull Of The Loo

As everyone was busy doing their own things tonight, I seized the opportunity to stealthily sneak into what I imagined as a languorous, hot, delicious shower. I stepped into the bathroom and almost rubbed my hands in anticipation as I got out gels and lotions. As I stood under the steaming water, I began to hear voices nearby. So, it had begun again. They found me.

I don't know what it is about every time I step into the bathroom. I used to take my kids in with me when they were small so I could keep an eye on them, so maybe that's what started it. Now, however, I'd like it to end.

It doesn't matter if I'm in there a short time or a long time. Either way, I can guarantee a knock or two, followed by just busting right in to talk to me. It's like there's a gravitational pull that only works when it's Mommy in the can. Everyone can be totally ignoring me for hours, until I step foot in the loo.

It's even trickled down to the dog now! If I go in and close the door, she'll come scratch outside until I let her in, where she'll promptly lie at my feet. It perhaps wouldn't bother me as much if I was an "all out there" kind of gal. I'm not. I'm the girl that changes in the cubicles at the gym. I wait to get home to shower. My kids have never, and I repeat NEVER, seen me in any form of undress. Well, that's not true. They've seen me sitting on the throne plenty o'times.

If I step into the shower, they suddenly have a question or concern. If I need to "go" they have to tell me something immediately.

One solution would be to lock the door. However, I've tried this method and it just prolongs the interaction! They start banging, talking loudly, knocking and repeatedly twisting the handle.

I've begun to wonder if I'll ever have privacy again. Will I ever just be left to have some lady time in the john?

I'm hoping the magnetic pull towards the bathroom lessens as the girls age. I'm holding out for the teen years where payback will be mine as they try to finagle private time in the boudoir as only a teen girl can do. I'm SURE I'll have many a conversation that just NEEDS to take place right then at that time. It'll be a captive audience that way, just as I'm hostage to their pleas now. They'll have to learn that it never pays to mess with a woman and her toilette.

For now, I guess it's modesty be damned!

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