Saturday, January 8, 2011

Twitter Partay Virgin

Last night I took part in my first Twitter party via SoConnected. I cannot believe, since becoming more involved in Twitter, how much it has consumed my time. I don't deem that a bad thing, but my family might disagree.

I had warned them that for three hours last evening I would be busy. I told them what the party was and why I was joining. I think I could hear them collectively blinking in the silence that followed my statement.

At the appointed time, I joined up on Tweetchat, snacks and drink at the ready. I can honestly say, WOAH! I had not expected the rushing influx of posts and replies. I could barely keep up. After tweeting out a loud HEEEELLP to the Twitter Universe at large, I got responses telling me to just chill and enjoy and not worry about keeping up or following every single post. Phew.

My husband came down at one point, and I heard the blinking a second time. His entrance in to the room may have even included some cricket sounds. He saw me sitting at my lap with my blackberry in my hand. Yes, I was following along with both. I had Tweetchat on my laptop and was responding to individual mentions on my phone. I know. I'm smooth like that.

I was on Twitter for three, count 'em, hours. I talked to a lot of different people and laughed at a bunch of hilarious answers to the questions posed to us. I ended up adding quite a few people to follow, and had many new friends added to mine. I also made plans (well, sort of invited myself but hey, I'm not known for being subtle) to meet up with some new friends for lunch, or whatever else. I also put my blog out there, which was part of my joining up with Twitter in the first place.

All in all? I did not win a single prize. Anyone who knows me also knows that is not a huge surprise. I don't win prizes. If there was a way to LOSE prizes, I'd be the grand winner at THAT though! Watch out! I did, however, make a lot of contacts and had a lovely time.

I'm exhausted today after crawling into bed around 2am and keeping myself awake til 3am with my brain on hyper drive. Losing my Twitter Partay virginiy wasn't painful at all. I was a bit anxious, a bit unsure, but once there-it was all good. In fact, it was so good, that post-coital, it just made me want to do it all over again.

See you at the next one Tweeps!

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  1. I was keeping half an eye on the party, but I was wiped right out last night. I didn't even make it through the second episode of Diners, Drive ins and Dives. Glad you had fun.