Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Treadmill Is My Lovah

Once upon a time ago, I did the "Cool Running Couch to 5K" program on my treadmill. Okay, I did it a few times. I'd get pretty adequate at it (I'm not a runner by nature) and then I'd fall off of the wagon. Then, I'd get back on. The last time I was gung ho about it I could run a good 40 minutes nonstop and loved almost every minute of it. I'd crank the tunes and run, sometimes bustin' out a funky arm move or two.

Now? Not so much.

My treadmill and I parted ways some time ago. It wasn't the treadmill, it was me. I just lost my mojo and the stress of everything going on in my small world made me walk away from my loyal friend. I turned instead to the wrong crowd, their leader being chocolate covered almonds and my new BFF being Party Mix. I grew more and more like the new group, all sugar and salt. I viewed my treadmill, sitting sadly in the corner, with disdain and maybe even a little contempt.

Luckily for me, my treadmill is forgiving. It welcomes me back slowly and eases me back into a relationship that may not always be easy, but in the end, is good for me. Last week was our first week back together after being on "a break."

I started up the Couch program once more. The first day, I was a sweaty, panting mess. My treadmill gently coaxed me along, pushing me not to give up or give in. The second day, I was starting to feel a bit more comfortable with our old routine.

Yesterday was the start of the second week in our new union. I felt much more like myself, singing and jamming along as I did the run sections. Oh, I was still sweaty and still panting, but not as much, and not as painfully. I felt renewed once more, my faith in getting back together solidified.

After that glorious moment, I was struck by a flu in the afternoon. I got the chills, and then the sweats. I was immediately fatigued. I had various other symptoms I won't regale you with at this time. I felt like the flu was stepping in out of jealousy, determined to get between the good thing me and treadmill have got going.

Well, it isn't going to work. Today was my rest day, and I did just that. Tomorrow I'm back it, flu. You hear me? Bring your best because you'll still find me slogging it out for thirty minutes with the one that truly has my back. Know what else? I'm expanding my circle. Treadmill has encouraged me to widen our friendships again, and asked for Yoga to pay me a visit on the days he can't be around to push me.

Oh, I'm back. I'm SO back. Flu and chips and cookies and Party Mix be damned. I've got a good thing going here, and this time.....this time.....I'm not letting a good thing go.

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