Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day?

My kids are nestled in their beds, fingers and toes crossed for a Snow Day tomorrow. We had notice that a "big storm" was coming our way and that we'd get dumped with a ton of snow.

I set out early with the pooch for her walk, taking a longer route and letting her leash extend longer for her to run. I figured if it got bad, she wouldn't have her second walk, so this would be it. Well, other than the yard. The benefit of course is it's a speed walk for me as well.

All day long, I kept glancing out the window for said storm. There was nothing. Just when I thought maybe we wouldn't be getting it after all, it struck. It never fails that the worst of the weather has to occur when I'm standing waiting for the school bus. As the winds howled and jostled, I stood in the cold and wet, waiting. The buses were, expectantly, late. At that point, I was soaked literally to the skin, and my mascara had poured down my face. I tried to wipe it away a few times, only to get home and see that it was all over my face. I can now understand that the smile I gave the stylish dude walking by was not friendly or attractive. I probably scared the dickens out of him. My vanity has a certain way of keeping itself in check.

As the kids battened down the hatches, drinking hot cocoa and watching yet another episode of Cake Boss(my kids are obsessed with this show), I set out to attempt shovel Number One of our driveway. While I was out there, I decided I'd be kind and do my older neighbours steps and driveway too. I was feeling in the groove, heaving heavy boulders and wet dumped snow, thinking how I was getting in some great exercise, when Mr. Plow decided to make an appearance. Several times. I was back to square one on the end of the driveway. Mine and the neighbours.

Finally finished, I came in the house dripping wet. Again. I took off my stuff and threw on my pj's and checked if the dance classes were still on or cancelled. My girls were ecstatic to find out they'd been cancelled and they could continue their marathon with Buddy. See, I know that because I've heard them watch so many episodes!

We had a quick, easy dinner, fearing that the power would go out and we wouldn't have access to handy dandy kitchen technology. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out. It was bliss, really.

However, it seems to me the snow has abated it's windy pummelage. My girls went to sleep CONVINCED they would spend the day tomorrow lounging around in their jammies. They may be sorely mistaken.

Until morning, we wait in our cozy, snug warm house while the world outside rests in white, wondrous slumber.

Will tomorrow be a Snow Day?

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