Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Food And Diet Epiphany

This week has started off all kinds of productive. Yesterday, we took the fam and headed down and did our passports. Finally. It wasn't as painful a process as I thought it would be. I had my passport years ago, but once it expired I never renewed it. It's been on my "To Do" list for awhile, for the kids as well. So, one thing got checked off!

Then, we headed to our new vet for our pup to get her Bordetella vaccine. It went well, except Pooch was her usual crazy self meeting a new person. She jumped all over and wouldn't settle. The vet said it's partly puppy, partly breed, and partly training. We're working on it! A big suggestion was getting her recall better so she can run off leash. I asked around (thanks Twitter!) today for enclosed areas where I can let her off, but she can't escape. We'll be trying that out ASAP.

Next, we made appointments for her to do some daycare days at the boarders so she can get used to the place, see us leaving and returning, and socialize with other dogs. She'll start that soon, and go for a few Mondays.

Check, check, check.

But here's the big news of the day. I started today "Back on the Wagon." I've been here many times, but this time, that long awaited moment has FINALLY happened for me. I think.

I've been reading lots and lots of blogs lately, and many where people have had significant weight loss through diet and exercise. One in particular had me hooked.

If you're looking for inspiration, www.angiealltheway.blogspot.com is the place for you! The thing that literally changed how I'm starting this whole thing again? The amount of food she was eating. It astounded me! I've done Weight Watchers before, and I've tried it on my own after that. I've also had success with it. The thing with me is, I've always seen it as having to eat as little as possible. Each meal would be me trying to eat as low points as I could, and keeping my portions small. That attitude always made me feel deprived and never satisfied. I'd then sabotage my earlier restriction by eating cookies or chips or going completely crazy, thus negating what I'd done earlier in the day.

In her blog, she documented what she ate each day, with photographs. I literally could not believe the amount and quality. She was eating breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. How was this possible? Obviously, it was, because she had lost! She also was exercising a ton, of course. The food part though was what really spoke to me, and my personal struggle.

I went out and bought groceries, deciding to buy some of the yummy things I'd seen on her site. Here's what I realized-I don't need to feel deprived or unsatisfied. I just need to stay within my points and choose my foods wisely. If I choose high protein, high fiber, low point foods-I'll be satiated AND lose.

Yesterday was Day 1. I ate well all day, and even felt full. I also re-started the Couch to 5K program on my treadmill. I used to be able to crank out 30 mins no problem. Now, I was struggling through the end intervals. What a difference a year makes. Sigh. I've never been a runner. I'm never going to be some die hard running machine out there in +30C or -25C. Nope. I would however like to do the Couch to 5K on my treadmill. THEN, maybe I'll try doing it from the start again-outside. If all that goes well, maybe THEN I'll attempt a 5K run. We'll see. I've also learned that I need to just focus on day by day.

I woke up today feeling excited and renewed(did I mention I also went to bed at midnight instead of 2am? I'm gettin' there!) I ate a hearty breakfast of Greek Vanilla Yogurt topped with Kashi Go Lean, blueberries and a teaspoon of almond butter, with a coffee. I sipped water throughout the day to ensure my 8 glasses. For lunch I had a monstrous baby spinach salad with feta and berries and onion and tomato, with a side of soup. As I was eating, I realized my points were still very low. At my usual "snacky" time, I had a piece of Ezekial bread, toasted, with a tsp of almond butter and a sliced banana on top. Finally, for dinner I had brussel sprouts, broccoli and some chicken breast, with a big serving of spaghetti squash. I was really, really full. The surprising thing? Still under points. I sipped tea this evening and had some Smartfood popcorn clusters for my chocolate fix.

I'm in total shock, really. I ate REALLY well today. At no point did I feel like I was missing out, or eating "diet" food. I never felt like I could eat more or like it wasn't enough. I know that doesn't sound that exciting maybe, but to me this revelation is HUGE.

I'm hoping life altering.

I don't know if you can read the excitement from my words or if I can impart the impact this new understanding has made on me. I've been seeking and seeking that "magic" equation that would work for me; the one I've seen all of these other people just finally "get." I feel like this might be it for me.

I just hope I can keep it up and keep the momentum going. I'm hoping by staying accountable here (now that I've made this big blubbery AHA post it would be embarrassing to have it all be for naught!) and with myself, and that this will be MY time.

Thank you Angie for leading the way. I owe you, just from reading your journey!

Yesterday was Day 1. Here I go!


  1. I keep making excuses. So need to start eating better...not less, just better and moving more! Best of luck to you:)

  2. Oh WOW that's WONDERFUL!!!!! I'm so proud and excited for you!! It truly is all in how you approach it from a mental standpoint and most definitely what you are putting in your mouth first and foremost. The exercise is secondary (in my opinion). In fact, I lost MOST of my weight without much exercise actually! I was recovering from a very serious MVA where I dislocated and fractured my hip and broke my foot (among other injuries), but it truly was a wake up call to me when I knew I couldn't "burn" calories for many months so I was very careful to make sure I stuck to a very good food plan that was healthy and sustainable. Even still, it is easy to feel deprived, so it's very important to make room for your treats!!!

    I'm SO HAPPY that you were able to find inspiration and an "aha" moment from my blog! I LOVE hearing that! It keeps me motivated too, as you can tell from my latest blogs, I'm back in full force to lose the baby weight!

  3. Yay! Go Tracey. Real food makes you feel great.

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  5. This is awesome Trace, so great to read such a positive, upbeat post. I can really sense your enthusiasm and dedication, way to go! I admire your decision to put it out there to the world and am looking forward to your updates!