Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heartbreaking News

My head and heart are filled today with sadness for the family of Victoria (Tori) Stafford. She's a little 8 year old girl who was abducted in Ontario, Canada from her school in April.

They have arrested a man and woman today and charged them with murder and accessory to murder. They also now have a location to search for this poor child's body.

My heart breaks for her family. When I think of going to bed at night, or waking up, or spending any moment of any day, not knowing where my child is or what happened to her, I feel like vomiting. And the tears flow down my face. And that's just imagining. What they must be LIVING.

I don't understand these disgusting human beings that take a little child and abuse them and throw them away. What kind of creature of absolute evil and heartlessness and perversion are these individuals that live amongst us and reside in our neighbourhoods??

My whole life is centred around children. I enjoyed every single moment of being around my niece, on a very regular basis, when she was growing up. I chose my vocation because of my natural affinity with children. I delight in watching them learn and grow and experience the world around them. I like laughing with them and exploring the world through their eyes. To me, children are magical. It's like hope and change is possible through them. I wanted to be a Mother as soon as I could be. My girls lives are the primary focus of my own.

I know not everyone is as naturally attuned to children as I am, but to actively seek out children to harm??? What kind of monster........I can't even say.

I don't know how you look upon a child with anything but joy.

And it makes me feel like putting my children in a safe bubble of a world where I am constantly with them, shadowing their every movement. I put my trust in their school to keep an eye on them in my absence. Yet, more and more I question that trust.

In the video of this abduction, the little girl is seen walking right off of her school ground with this woman. WHAT? Is no one watching these children to assure they get home safely? What happened to screening who a child leaves with? Something has to change for those children who walk home. Something has to change in schools safety measures in general.

We all know we can't be there with our children every minute. We know that part of our job as parents is to teach them how to survive in the world independently. But today, and tomorrow, and next week-I will be holding my own closer to my chest and hugging them ever more tightly.

I pray for the Stafford family at this time. I pray for strength and love. I pray for justice. I am so sorry for what their every day existence from April forward has been and will be.

I pray for all children everywhere-those safe in their homes and beds, and those living lives and moments we can't fathom.

Hug your children tonight. And be Thankful you are so blessed.

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