Friday, May 8, 2009

Yo Mama

This is the weekend when we all celebrate our mama's. Or Moms, Mothers, Mums, Mommy. Whatever you call her, I bet she played and still plays a pivotal role in your life, in who you are as a person, in your path forward. She doesn't have to be living to play that role either. Our Moms are likely the number one person that effects our formative years. For some of you, that's scary. For others, a blessing.

Either way, we have one day a year set aside to reflect back on our mothers and what they mean to us, and if we ourselves are moms, to be celebrated and cherished. Hopefully!

You've read my blogs about Moms, and about being a Mom. I don't think it's just a cheesy platitude to say it's the toughest job on Earth. But I'd also say the one with the most rewards and incentives. In fact, I take being a Mom veeeerrry seriously. Probably more seriously than I take anything else in my life.

I'm not just responsible to myself anymore. What I did or do yesterday, today and tomorrow will be reflected in these other individuals lives. Whoa. That's heavy. It always amazed me that I "grew" a person inside me. Now, I'm "forming" two that will go out in the world someday and shape others lives. No pressure, there.

I think being a Mom is largely a thankless job to the outside world. But not to we Mothers. Oh we may bitch and moan some days about it or have complaints that we aren't valued or taken seriously. But we all know in our hearts, that each and every time we look into those little eyes and see total love and trust there, that it's all been worth it. Every single tear stained, sleepless, cranky, poopy, vomitty minute. (and ya I made those words up. I have creative licence!)

Then, that one day a year comes where we finally get our due. Where we get to see all the cute, crafty things are kids made for us. Where we get their hugs and love and their knowledge that today is a special day for Moms. But mostly, where we get to feel that unconditional, overwhelming love directed right at us, just like when they were babies and would lie in our arms staring up at us. Sigh. I soak those moments in like I'm inhaling forever in one single look.

I don't ever take being a Mom for granted. It's the greatest gift I've ever been given, and one of the greatest joys of my life. When my kids celebrate me on Mother's day, inside, I'm also celebrating them. For without them, I'd never have learned the heartache and joy and anxiety and guilt and all consuming love that comes with being a Mom.

So, celebrate Mother's day, for you, for your Mom. Take the time to really reflect on what it means to be a Mom and how difficult some days it can also be. And extend that celebration to all of the Moms around you, yours or someone else's. For being a Mom is truly belonging to a special club that only we Moms can appreciate.

Happy Mother's Day.

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