Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're Havin' A Heat Wave....

Phew-it's hot today! A balmy 23 degrees Celsius. Somehow, it feels insanely more hot to me. Maybe it's because it's only one of a few really "nice" days we've had so far. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm just not acclimatised yet. Huh. Who am I fooling? "I" never get acclimatised to hot weather.

I'm a natural redhead. No, not an orange or auburn or "really, really" red haired kind of redhead. As a kid, my hair was what they call Strawberry Blonde. As I got older, and into present day, my hair is more of a copper colour. I add blonde highlights to lighten it up, but don't touch the base. But I digress. As a redhead, I also have fair (umm like ghostly white) skin and freckles. That combination together makes the sun my nemesis. Within a few moments of being outside on a hot day, I have what I call "the red face." Never fails. My cheeks look like they are blistering when I'm in the sun. They get THAT red.

Add to that, I just don't really DO WELL in the sun. I'm not a person who can sit outside all day in the sun with no sunblock and a drink in hand. A few hours in, and I'm a lobster who is also delirious and has a mild case of heatstroke. Every summer, as a kid, I got heatstroke or sunstroke or whatever the stroke is where you have to come and lie down with a cold cloth on your red, burning face and clammy, shaky, feverish skin.

So, while I like a nice, mild day with the sun shining and a nice breeze, I see Spring as the harbinger of bad news for me. If I could sit in a pool or in a lake all summer long-I'd be a happy camper. Otherwise, it's air conditioning and the indoors as much as possible for me. Give me Fall any day! All year round, in fact, would be perfect! (besides the added bonus that all who know me know that I have a serious zip-up sweater fetish!)

My kids are the exact same. They get the red face within minutes of being outside on a hot day. They get the meltdowns and the delirium. I feel badly for my husband who is a sun worshipper and could literally be out in midday sun digging and working and doing construction type activities, all day long. It doesn't bother him in the slightest. Meanwhile, the rest of his family look like a sweaty, sick wreck with any temperature over 20 degrees Celsius.

I did a Facebook quiz (as I've mentioned, they are great indicators of life decisions I should be making!) that said a temperate environment would be my best match. It suggested the perfect place for me to live would be Italy.

So, that's my argument today for my husband. Sorry, dear. Facebook and the Curse of the Ginger Kids says I need to move to Italy!

Think he'll buy it???

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