Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Good Very Bad Mood

After a sleepless night squeezed in between my five year old (who had been sleeping so hard she wet her bed-which never happens) and my furnace husband, I was very tired this morning and knew it was going to be at least a "three coffee day." I also knew I was not going to be in my shiny, happy place today. (not that in general, as a person I HAVE a shiny, happy place. I'm just not really a perky type.)

The day just seemed to get progressively worse and more annoying with each passing moment.

It culminated in my girls coming home from school in their own no good, very bad moods. And, being the lovely girls that they are, they of course spewed their venom MY way.

Then my husband came home from work. You guessed it! No good, very bad mood.

Dinner was an almost silent, non-existent slice of time I can never get back.

And now, it's almost bedtime. I'm waiting with baited breath for that moment when I can sip my tea, read my book and zone out.

And hope for sleep, because two nights of no sleep are going to go from a "bad mood" to "going postal."

And NOBODY wants to see that. Maybe I'll switch in wine for tea, too. Just to be safe. You know, medicinal purposes.

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