Monday, May 25, 2009

Mrs. GreenThumb

So, the weekend buzzed by in a blur!

Saturday was my eldest daughters first soccer practice. Another Mom took her, and I in turn took her two daughters. Kind of a trade off. Her two daughters are 6 and 4, so it works well for them both to play with my youngest, who is 5. They played for awhile and then I invited the Mom and other daughter and son (yes, they have four kids) in for a bit for a snack and drink.

Sunday, she asked if the girls could come over there and stay for lunch and spend the day. WOOHOO. Not that I want to get rid of my girls, but my husband and I wanted to get a lot of gardening done and this way, the girls wouldn't be bored stiff all day long. They had a great time at their friends house having lunch, snacks, playing. Much better than weeding!

My husband and I got a lot done though! I was able to weed my whole front gardens and plant some impatiens and gladiolas. I transplanted a begonia hanging basket I had into a standing free pot for my front step area. I did the weeding of my raised rock garden areas and then planted my marigolds in various shades and some seeds my daughter had lying around and insisted I plant. They are kind of old and like I said, were lying around, but I did it anyways. Doesn't hurt to try! I also cut out a circle around one tree and planted some more impatiens and gladiolas there. While I was doing that, my husband was cutting out a garden for us, and transplanting the sod over to another area where we needed it. He also cut the grass, tended our fire pit and watered the grass seed he had put down. I then planted a tomato plant and a pepper plant. By the end of the day, we were both filthy and tired. I was also a little sunburnt.

My husband spent an hour or two sitting by the fire with our neighbour, enjoying the evening and relaxing after working so hard. I spent my down time on the net and watching tv.

I still have three more rock gardens to weed and clean up. I also have to finish planting my garden. The rest is seeds to go in. I have broccoli, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, green beans, yellow beans, zucchini, green onions, beets, carrots. I'd like to also get two hanging baskets to grow; one of strawberries and one of herbs. I have brackets on the fence to hang those. I don't know that anything will grow in the garden, I'm not very great at this gardening business. I guess we'll just see and anything that DOES come up will be with much excitement and anticipation. There is also the animal hazard in my yard to contend with as well. Deer and their babies sauntering through is pretty standard here. Also raccoons, rabbits, birds, moles and yep, even bears.So, again, we'll see.

I have to get some edging for around these gardens and some solar lights for my walkway and one more plant for my big planter at the end of my driveway...and then we should be able to call it a day.

Well, I should anyways.

My husband has a deck to build. I'll enjoy it with a cold drink when he's done!

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