Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Long Weekend=Short, Even More Packed Week

For those of you who aren't Canadian, I didn't blog yesterday because I was on HOLIDAYS!!! It was Victoria Day here, which is a long weekend (hence Monday off) for us Canucks. I say holiday, but, not so much really. While I had a bunch of exciting yard work plans, it turns out Mother Nature didn't agree with me. That whole ideology that you don't "plant" until after the long weekend in May because surely there will be one more frost? Dead on. It was a chilly, rainy, even SNOW FLURRY weekend here, except for Monday. Thank goodness. We spent yesterday sitting around outside with our neighbours and having a backyard fire.

So, that leads to a four day week. Why oh why is it that when you gleefully anticipate a shortened work week, it gets even more crammed with crap you don't really need or want to do?

My daughters are both playing soccer this summer. Their first games are the first week in June. However, the practices start this week. I really didn't think this whole soccer thing out, apparently. I should have realized that at worst, my daughters teams would have practices on the same night, at different places in town, at the same time. At best, they would be on different nights, which would just mean ONE MORE NIGHT of planned activities to run to after a work day.

My eldest is sponsored by a gardening center and her uniform is a lovely dark green! (my fav) She had her first practice already. She'll be having games Wednesday or Thursday nights. She'll have practice every Saturday morning. So, two days a week there. One weeknight.

My youngest hasn't met with her team yet or had practice. She starts Monday. She'll have practice and games Monday nights. Add another night to our week.

For those of you not jotting down my personal itinerary even though I've blogged about it (ie bitched and moaned) let me reiterate here what my week is going to look like for the summer. Just so you can truly absorb the chaos that is my life:

Monday-Youngest daughter practice/game
Tuesday-Fun and Fitness class for kids, gym for me
Wednesday-soccer game for eldest daughter
Thursday-Spanish class for me, potentially soccer game for eldest daughter
Friday-swimming lessons
Saturday-soccer practice in the a.m. for eldest daughter, cooking and fitness class in the afternoon for kids, gym for me.
Sunday-clean, chores, groceries, collapse in children's activity coma.

After reviewing this mayhem, we may drop the Tuesday night class for the kids and let them just have a night to chill out and do fun at home activities; like homework and stuff. Sleep. Bathe.

So, though we had Monday to laze around, it was just a brief teaser. Today, the hectic schedule started.


(have I mentioned my kids owe me big time???)

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