Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

Holy moly I'm exhausted. It's only Tuesday and I feel like I'm crawling through this week. I hate that feeling because I don't think it's fair to my girls or my daycare kids. I do the bare minimum to make it through the day or my commitments and then just crash at the end.

Last night, the throat felt less sore. Hallelujah. Unfortunately, I coughed like a barking seal all night. So, no sleep once again. I managed to pass out eventually around 530am. I'm sure that will be enough to carry me through. Not.

I've decided to forgo the gym tonight for the girls and I. I'm not really up to it, for one. The other reason is, does anybody really want to hear my hacking and choking as they try to press weights? I assume not. They'd be vigilantly watching to see if I wiped down my machine or perhaps would avoid using it at all. You can never be too careful!

My Spanish class is on Thursdays. Last week I joined the class, and I guess they'd already had a lesson or two before restarting with more people joining. The problem? "I" am the only new person joining. In a class of three other people. One being a couple. It's a little awkward and embarrassing. Plus, there is NOWHERE to hide when she calls on you. She teaches and we repeat. At the end of the lesson, we go over it all and she makes us converse with each other, in front of the class, asking questions to each other and answering. I mean, I assume this is the way to learn a language, you HAVE to practice it and speak it!!! But because the class is so small and because it's been awhile since I was in that type of environment, it's just a weird, put on the spot, mind goes blank, kind of situation. I would say I learned quite a bit though. So, I guess that is the important part.

I'm just struggling to keep moving through each day this week, taking each as it comes, and doing what needs to get done. I'm leaving some errands off the list, and letting some things slide. I'm looking forward to the upcoming long weekend, more than I think I ever have before.

Four more sleeps.

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