Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My Mom left yesterday to head back home after her visit here with us for a few weeks. It felt a bit bittersweet to see her climb the steps and wave us all goodbye. She's back in another six weeks or so, but every visit, though wonderful, also opens up the door for a bit of sadness.

Most days, I'm okay with living far away from family and friends back home, because we've made a life here. We have friends here that have become almost like a secondary family, which makes the distance to my "real" family not seem so far or so painful.

However, the visits make the fact that we can't just visit friends and family whenever we want that much more bittersweet. My Mom used to live with us, and while I don't think that is what either of us would want again, it would be nice to be able to stop in and chat or get together more often or more easily. That goes for my sister and her kids too.

If we get moved far away, or farther away I should say, I know it'll be hard. I know we'll make friends and memories and be fine, wherever we are located geographically.

Those visits though will still be bittersweet. But oh so welcome, too.

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