Monday, April 5, 2010

Mr. Telephone Man....

Does anybody talk on the actual PHONE anymore?

I do everything I can, basically, to avoid having to talk on the phone. I tend to email my friends and family, or Skype or text. Heck, I even Blackberry Messenger. If I have to call a company, I try to pawn off the task to my husband.

I've never been a real "phone person." I would only talk to a handful of friends or family on the phone for any period of time, otherwise, I'd rather not. It's not that I'm not chatty either. I'm not really sure what that's about but it's never been my thing. I guess it's like most "girl traits" that you associate with women. I tend to be anti-type with almost all of those assignations.

I think most people tend to write these days, via whatever technological means handy to them, rather than make phone calls. The scary part of that is that I don't know if you could even really call it "writing." I read a stat that said in 50 years time, society will only have a small number of individuals that know how to read or write. Shocking, right? Yet with all of the short forms and texts nowadays, is it really that much of a surprise? Btw, omg, WTH? When I look at my teenage niece's school work, it leaves no doubt. Didn't we fight and struggle for the right to an education? Didn't we challenge to be able to read and write? We're going to throw it all away for the right to say "l8tr"? Please. As a voracious reader and with a lifelong need to write, that's a personal affront to me.

That circles back to the telephone though. I definitely feel I've lessened the amount I use the phone over the years. Will it also become obsolete? Am I simply following trend and contributing to the decline (0r incline?) of societal communication?

What about you? Do you still use the phone daily? Do you find it easier to fire off a quick text?

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