Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hump Day Happenin's

Soooo here we are mid-week and it seems to be flying by, well for me. The rest of the world isn't doing much "flying" as we speak. How often do volcanoes screw up worldwide flights? So bizarre.

Anyhoo. What have I been up to?

I found out on Sunday that my Dad and his wife had been hit in their van by a guy in a pickup truck speeding along and deciding to run a stop sign. My Dad is pretty banged up with his hair shaved off one patch and 14 stitches. He also got a stitch in his eyebrow and has a 6 inch gash ripped open behind his elbow. My Dad has also been blind in one eye since birth, and now his other eye is swollen completely closed and purple. So, he can't see at all. Remember my post the other day about "if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all?" Ya, apparently it's genetic. The guy that hit them was airlifted and apparently isn't doing great. My Dad's wife has burns from the air bags and a broken thumb and smashed her knee. Luckily, her daughter and son in law are able to come stay and help them out. The creepy thing is, my Dad's wife sent pictures of my Dad looking gruesome. It would be an understatement to say it looks like a hostage situation photo. He looks dead. That was a lovely email to open along with Easter pics. Anyhoo. My Dad is still healing from everything else he has going on, and now just throw this onto the ever growing pile.

Other than that continual roller coaster, we went the other night to an award ceremony for my girls and they only have one week left to attend in that class. Phew. That will free up yet another night of the week where we don't have to be eating and running, which will be nice.

I've been having really bad munchies lately and I don't know what's up with me. For some reason, I never seem to feel full. I've been snacking on fruit but you can only eat so much fruit. Any suggestions for a healthy, crunchy snack that you can eat a bowl of (not just 3) and feel satiated? I'm desperate before I balloon up! You'd think I was a pot head with all of these snacking habits!

I'm currently counting down to my hair cut and highlights next Tuesday, which allows me a few hours of bliss. My hairdresser always books extra time when I come in because my hair is so thick. Yes, THAT thick. It's a great excuse to be gone so long so I don't mind! After that is also my weekend away with my friends! WOOHOO. That will be Friday to Sunday. We have grand plans to sleep in and nap, but know we probably will be up late and wake up early. Dang kids resetting our inner clocks!

One last vent before I go. I have a temper, but I'm really not a violent person. Sometimes though, there are just people that push your buttons so much that punching them right in the face seems not only appropriate, but necessary. Oh, I wouldn't ever do that, but a girl can dream.

On that note, I bid you goodnight. Sleep with one eye open!

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