Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do I HAVE A Personal Style?

Some women I know, even close friends, have a very distinctive style. One of my friends, for example, runs on the "classic" clothing style. Her wardrobe will never go out of style and she always looks fabulous. (Hi Claire!) Actually, I can think of a few friends that have a very distinctive type of "look." You'd never see them in something totally out of that style range.

Yesterday's post featuring "10 Honest Things" got me thinking about style. Even though I sounded like the most shallow human being ever, I'm actually slightly neurotic in my clothing choices. You know on "What Not To Wear" when they ask the participants to stay within their style but with clothes that fit and work with their body types? Ya, I'd be standing there clueless with that task.

My clothing style runs a bit more multiple personality like in that, I like stuff from all categories. Of course, there is always the fact that I say "when I'm thinner I'll wear clothing I REALLY like and want to wear!!" Back to "What Not To Wear." They say dress the size you are now. I prefer just not to buy anything for myself and instead have daughters who need new dressers because theirs cannot contain the amount of clothing they now own. Hey, I'm saving my family money, right? Adult clothing is way more expensive!

On a typical day, I like to look casual, maybe kind of sporty, and a bit trendy. I love me some Converse runners. I had red hightops in highschool, and now own black ones. My local shoe store got in some green ones (finally!) and I'll be picking those up as well. I like yoga pants and sweat capris and flip flops. Really though, who doesn't? The hoodie is a staple in my wardrobe. I tend to even wear them out with constant use.

If I'm dressing up though, I love high wedge shoes (I have a red pair that I absolutely adore) and blazers. I'm big on funky, clunky costume jewellery and artisan pieces. I like to wear something kind of trendy and a bit different. I love to accessorize with a nice Coach purse and some cool shades too.

On the other hand, at heart, I'm truly a hippie chick when it comes to certain items. For my wedding, I wanted to wear my hair down and wavy with flowers in it, and a I found a flowy, white empire waist gown with embroidered daisies. I was hoping for bare feet too. My Mom didn't agree. Sigh. I love the look of braids that are everywhere now, and I love embroidery and flowy shirts and dresses.

I guess my clothing style does really reflect my personality, though. Sometimes, I'm that sporty, casual chick, sometimes I'm a bit of a free spirited hippie, and sometimes I'm a funky, sassy lady. I can't really pick one style, because that wouldn't be fair to the other facets of my personality.

One thing I know I'm NOT though-and that is high maintenance. I don't have the patience to be that picky about everything from head to toe. Also, as a tomboy growing up, it just doesn't interest me or come naturally. You'll never catch me looking overly girly or ruffly or frilly.

I'm trying to think of a celebrity that most matches my style, and I'm having trouble finding a fit. I could say Drew Barrymore in some ways, but in others she's too "out there" for me.

I guess it comes down to my style can't be described as anything but "me." A hodge podge, eclectic mix of many styles.

Or none?


  1. When I'm at home, I've very dressed down...but when I leave the house, I like to feel good in what I'm wearing and that means a combination of comfort and style. I've always been a girly girl, so I adore dresses and skirts and things like that. Often times people will say to me "Why are you all dressed up?" I didn't know a floral flowy skirt and a nice top were considered "dressing up". LOL!! I love cute shoes, but the reality is that my back can't handle them :( I have no choice but to stick with more practical shoe choices.

  2. Tracey, Perhaps you could call your style "conservative Drew Barrymore".

    I think I definitely have a personal style though I'm not sure how to describe it. All I know is that when shopping with friends, they'll pick something up and say "this is totally you".

  3. love me or hate me, you've been nominated! check out my blog for details :)